A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter two

Sookie is running Merlotte’s while Sam is looking after his shot mother.  Terry Bellefleur is in, and for once is in a very good mood.

He was really fascinated by the Weres’ revelation; since the war, Terry had done better with animals than people.

Sookie has to organise the replacement for Arlene and oh noes! She has to phone up Tanya Grissom! Oh dear! And it’s not a problem because Tanya says she’ll help out!

I am fed up with Sookie’s dislike of Tanya. It is odd and unreasonable. Yes, I know Tanya was sent up to Bon Temps to act as a super secret speshul spy, but she didn’t actually do anything to hurt Sookie. So stop with the Tanya hate because she is my new lady love!

Sam’s mother being shot for what she was – well, that just out my dislike of Tanya Grissom into perspective.



Anyway, Eric has been trying to call Sookie last night or something, and now he’s sent his daytime assistant Bobby to give her something. He drives an Impala, which is awesome, and he is an asshole, which is not so awesome.  She has to give him the package at Fangtasia tonight at seven in front of Victor Madden. Okay then. Something like SHENANIGANS are on the move.

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