What should Dottie read next? YOU DECIDE.


2 thoughts on “What should Dottie read next? YOU DECIDE.

  1. Have you already read the Millennium Trilogy? I ask, because I read the first one, and the first half of the second one, and HATED it so much I stopped even though I had the third book waiting.

    I get the author’s alleged ‘purpose’ behind writing them, and they are supposed to be some kind of comment against sexual violence, but it seemed like it was too depraved. Like how the longest and most ruthless scenes in Bret Easton Ellis’s “American Psycho” were directed against women, and the men died with a quick, “So I hit him in the head with an ax.”

    Not to mention that I felt like the main male character was a fantasy-fulfillment thing (every woman in the book — including the titular heroine — cannot wait to drop their panties for him), and while Elisbeth is supposed to be a bad ass… well, I won’t discuss what bothered me there if you’re planning on reading them. Somehow I imagine you’d be as offended for the same reasons I was.

    • I know what happens in the books, having seen the films, and while I enjoyed the films (even if I was uncomfortable with the levels of sexual violence) but seeing as how the books are such a modern phenomenon I feel like I ought to read them.

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