A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter twenty one

oooo last chapter oooooo what is there left to happen?

Sookie takes Bob to Wal-Mart to get new clothes and to keep him out the house, as best to avoid him strangling Amelia in her sleep. It also turns out that Bob, who was previously mentioned as having no family, does in fact have a family that he was relatively close to. Remember how he had no family? That was what made it okay that no one knew where he’d vanished to after Hurricane Katrina, as there was no one to think he was dead!


I tried to see in Bob what Amelia had seen, the element that had attracted her so powerfully.

IMPORTANT. Not his family and their desperate search for their dead member, but what is attractive about him.

Then Bob laughed, the first time he’d laughed since he’d become human again, and I got it. Bob had white, even teeth and great lips, and when he smiled, there was a kind of sardonic, intellectual sexiness about him.

Bob goes back home to tell every soul he knew ‘hey, I’m not dead!’ and Sookie heads to work. Alcide Herveaux is there talking to Sam. Sookie believes there are shenanigans afoot. Eric and Pam also come in, and freak out the Fellowship of the Sun devotees. They’re hear to give her the formal protection of the king of stereotypes, Felipe de Castro.

I hadn’t noticed the approach of the shorted of the FotS adherents. Now he pushed past me in such a way that he rammed my shoulder, deliberately knocking me to the side. I staggered before I managed to regain my balance. Not everyone noticed, but a few of the bar patrons did.  I turned and brought my tray down on the asshole’s head with all the strength I could muster.

No one does anything about this assault on Sookie because this is a world where the legal authorities do nothing.

Niall Brigant is waiting for her on the porch, and she asks him to find Remy Savoy, Hadley’s ex-husband. Nice use of the wish there.  She drives out the next day to a town called Red Ditch to see him, and to see Hadley’s baby.  The child is a little boy called Hunter…. who has mind reading abilities as well.


What are my final thoughts of ‘From Dead to Worse’? Um. Well. I do enjoy the improvements in Sookie’s character in this book.  I mean, she still does things that really, really, annoy me, things that seem ungodly stupid, but she doesn’t grate on me as much as she did in the last few books. She feels like she’s matured and is starting to use that cloudy grey mass behind her eyes.  Other than that, however, this book just feels like filler. There are so many disparate plot elements that could have made a good book by themselves, but they’ve been shoved together in one book and not properly explored. It’s a forgettable book, aside from all the INEXPLICABLE FAIRY BULLSHIT. Not a bad book, but not a good book. It’s a fairly neutral read.

oh right my predictions

  • Sookie and Quinn are going to break up because she’s a lousy girlfriend. NAILED IT.
  • Bill is going to die. Horribly. GOD DAMN IT WHEN WILL IT BE OVER.
  • Diantha, the perky demon girl, is going to turn up alive and well. 😦 No news.
  • Amelia and Pam will be cute. They were…. until heterosexuality broke them up.
  • Alcide will come back, as we haven’t seen him properly for a while. Yup.
  • Bad shit with Jason and Crystal. Yup yup.
  • Sam will come back properly and will be involved in the plot for real this time. He even got a backstory!

I have four exams this week. Wish me luck!

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