A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter seventeen

I had my first exam today. Went really well – got two perfect questions to answer. Really exhausted now, but feeling very accomplished. Just five more left to go.

When Sookie wakes up, Amelia and Octavia are chatting at the dining room table.

“Amelia told me about your problem,” Octavia said. “And about your very kind offer.”

Ah-oh. What offer?

Um, when you offered to let Octavia stay at your house? The older woman is going to be staying in the downstairs bedroom, and Sookie is a bit miffed at this because she’d forgotten she’d offered to help someone who literally has no home. The fact that Amelia and Octavia have come up with a plan to deal with Tanya helps her mood no end. The simplest thing would be to tell Calvin what she’s doing, but Sookie isn’t willing to get Tanya’s face ripped off. They have a better plan though, one that works in phases.

Firstly, they ask Calvin round and tell him the truth.

They’re just going to put a spell on Tanya, and decided to ask Calvin first.

“She’d loose interest in doing harm to Sookie and all her family. She wouldn’t want to obey Sandra Pelt anymore. It wouldn’t hurt her physically at all.”

Calvin agrees to help with this plan, as long as nothing bad happens to Tanya.

After that, I went to grocery store. No Weres attacked, no vampires rose. No one tried to kill me or anyone I knew. No secret relatives revealed themselves, and not a soul tried to involve me in his or her problems, marital or otherwise.

I was practically reeking with normality by the time I got home.

You’re sparkling lately girl.

They wait around a little for Calvin to bring Tanya round for brainwashing spell casting.

Calvin carried Tanya in over his shoulder. Tanya was compact, but no featherweight. Calvin was definitely working, but his breathing was nice and even and he hadn’t broken a sweat. Tanya’s hands and ankles were bound, but I noticed he’d wrapped a scarf under the rope so she wouldn’t get chafed. And (thank God) she was gagged, but with a jaunty red bandanna. Yes, the head werepanther mountain lion definitely had a thing for Tanya.

Of course, she was mad as a disturbed rattler, wriggling and twisting and glaring. She tried to kick Calvin, and he slapped her on her butt. “You stop that now. […] You’ve done wrong; you got to take your medicine.”

Well, strictly speaking, she’s not doing wrong. Sookie murdered Sandra’s cousin. She has evaded justice. Tanya is just staying in Bon Temps and going shopping with Sookie’s sister-in-law. But hey, go figure. Tanya is put in the centre of a circle drawn of chalk.  There’s some smoke billowing about and Octavia is waving a wand made of a human bone.

“Tanya Grissom,” Octavia said, “yank the roots of evil out of your soul and remove yourself from the influence of those who would use you for evil ends.”

Amelia makes some hand gestures, and Tanya is ungagged.

“I can’t believe you kidnapped me like a caveman, you big jerk!”

Well, she wasn’t going to react well.

The spell appears to have worked; when questioned about Sandra Pelt, she says that she hasn’t seen the girl in months, and didn’t really like her that much anyway. She’s told by Calvin that she had gotten a little bit over her head, and that the witches and Sookie intervened.

“Tanya, you’ve taken my sister-in-law shopping a little too much lately.” I said.

Tanya burst into laughter. “Too much retail therapy for the pregnant bride?” she said. But then she looked puzzled. “Yeah, it does seem like we went to the mall on Monroe too many times for my checkbook. Where’d I get that money? I don’t even like shopping that much. Why’d I do that?”

“You’re not going to do it anymore,” Calvin said.

“You don’t tell me what I’m going to do, Calvin Norris!” Tanya shot back. “I won’t go shopping because I don’t want to go, not because you tell me not to.”

I like Tanya. I really like Tanya. I think she will help fix that Sophie-Anne shaped hole in my heart.

That evening, while Sookie is out ruminating on why Crystal is so discontented lately (Um… because she only married Jason to get out of Hotshot?) Bill comes ‘gliding’ out of the woods to sit with her.

Please die soon.

Him and Selah have broken up because she’s hooked on vamp sex. So nothing to do with the fact that you said you only loved Sookie in front of her then.

Apparently Bill was conducting a kind of stealth campaign to win back my regard. I wondered if he dreamed I could love him again. […] I wondered who had taken the Furnan children.

As long as I was speculating, I wondered where Felipe de Castro had established his headquarters in Louisiana or if he’d stayed in Vegas.

What a ponderous conclusion to the chapter. And we are still no closer to a resolution for this book.

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2 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter seventeen

  1. I thought Sookie shooting Debbie was self-defense; i.e. Debbie was trying to kill her. And in a previous book Sookie *told* the Pelts this. Admittedly Sookie should’ve called the police, but she does try not kill people if she can help it.
    IMO if someone’s trying to kill you, all bets are off.

    • There’s a lot of class warfare stuff which Dottie is missing because American Southern class warfare is different from British. The police would very likely side with the rich Pelt family over the poor vampire loving Stackhouses.

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