A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter sixteen

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And on with the review.

Sam tells Sookie just what the state rep for king Felipe de Castro will do. Basically, she’s a rep. I mean, seriously, what else where you expecting her to do? Ride a unicycle whilst juggling? He also talks about how the weres and shifters are going to go public soon, because in a world where vampires are the targets of terrorism and the American government appears to be making no moves to catch the very open and flagrant suspects, that’s just the best thing to do.

Sam did have a life that was unknown to me.

As much as I’ve been generally liking Sookie more in this book than most, (the stuff with Quinn aside) this is just a bit frustrating. Basically, the next few pages are a dump of information on Sam, as Sookie has apparently never bothered to ask him about his family and background. Once. Even though she’s been a close friend of his for several years and uses him in her wank bank. You’re a crummy friend, Sookie Stackhouse.


  • He joined the army at eighteen
  • He is from Texas
  • His father was in the army
  • His dad died six years ago and his mother remarried two years ago
  • the new husband is a normal human and doesn’t suspect a thing
  • he has a brother and sister
  • the sister is married with two kids
  • the brother is described as ‘single’ and then the next sentence tells us that he’s getting married in the spring. So not so single then.

why did we not know anything about sam before? I mean, it seems pretty lax that Sookie didn’t even know that one of her best friends was in the army and had a family and a life of his own! His world doesn’t revolve around you!

In the center of the parking lot, his face turned up to the sliver of moon, his eyes closed, stood my great-grandfather.

“Great-granddaughter,” Niall said, “I hear you were in danger in the fracas between the werewolves.”

Oh no, apparently his world does. Ugh. Faerie grandfather needs to have a bell on him so I know when he’s popping up. They talk a little bit about the were war and the taking over of Louisiana.  She considers asking him to solve the non-existent Tanya Grissom problem.

I had a pretty good feeling that his solution to the Sandra Pelt-Tanya Grissom Axis of Evil would be to cause their deaths in a macabre way.

There better be some macabre deaths in this book, it’s one of the things that Ms Harris does best.  Anywho, Sookie asks that her and Niall simply spend some time together, doing normal family things. In my family that’d involve punk rock and piercings; she just wants to chat and have dinner with him. I think my family’s way is better. She reaffirms that she won’t tell Jason about Niall, as Jason just wouldn’t understand.

Jason would spend his life wishing he was more supernatural than he was; I had spent mine wishing I was less, if my telepathy was indeed supernatural.

Nah, you’re just a mutant. Have you ever tried just not being a mutant?

the internet almost failed me for this joke.

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