A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter fifteen

Sookie gets up, and before she has the time to congratulate herself for always being right no matter what the circumstance, she realises that Amelia’s father is here again, and his chauffeur is chopping up the wood in her garden. Apparently Jason chopped down a tree or something and didn’t split it. So he decided to randomly do it.

I still had some of my grandmother’s plum jam to spread [on toast], and I tried not to be melancholy every time I used it. No point in letting good jam go to waste. She would have certainly looked at it that way.

why are you suddenly talking about jam? why would you be melancholy over jam?  are you suddenly john watson? does the author even realise that this made it into the book? does the editor actually do his job? The world may never know!

Anyway, Copley came over to ask for an introduction to the new king, and as his chauffeur has been chopping wood she says she will. I don’t care. Sookie goes out and sees that Tanya Grissom is talking to the resident religious fanatic, Arlene.

But when you see your ex-buddy talking to your known enemy, you have to at least entertain the possibility that the topic of you has come up in an unflattering way.

I guess that makes some sense. What doesn’t make sense is that Sookie sits behind them and begins to read their minds, finding out that Tanya is STILL in the pay of Sandra Pelt and she’s here to make Sookie’s life miserable. Sookie, how come you find it so easy to read Tanya’s mind so suddenly? After all, it’s why you didn’t trust her, because you couldn’t poke around her brain and violate her privacy. Can you do it now because the plot says so? And I’m not happy with the situation of Debbie bloody Pelt popping up in yet another book. It was solved in Definitely Dead, and was given a resolution. Stop bringing it back.

I couldn’t live with Tanya nipping at my heels, either. She’d done her best to ruin my brother’s already shaky relationship with his wife. That was just wrong.

Frankly, I think Jason and Crystal’s relationship didn’t need much of a push out onto the rocks.

Anyway, the elder Pelts are now dead, which is way Sandra is back to her old tricks.  Amelia asks if Octvaia can stay a while at the house. I begin to think of books I’d rather read. Sookie rings Eric to plead Copley’s case before going out to work. Claudine and Claude show up and bitch about how she needs to suddenly confide her entire life to the great-grandfather she never knew existed. I eat a cereal bar and regret it immediately. Sandy the representative from Felipe Castro shows up to talk. Sam asks to talk to Sookie.

Ms Harris, if you’re going to have a (anti) climax in the middle of the book, you really ought to follow it up with this thing authors use, what’s it called? Oh yes. Plot.

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