A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter fourteen

Sookie’s getting ready to head out to work after a long hard night of territory negotiation and breaking up when a FedEx truck pulls up. Eric has bought his ‘lover’ a brand new mobile phone and a brand new door, to replace the one Quinn broke down. He’s helpful like that.

I wondered if Eric would clean out my dryer vent.

Next in the Sookie Stackhouse series: The Living Dead Clean Washing Machines.

She heads into Merlotte’s and Tanya Grissom has been visiting Sam. Huh. Guess he hasn’t taken the hint that she’s dating a man who turns into a mountain lion. She asks him about the King of Nevada, one Felipe de Castro.  Apparently he’s very good at tourism, which is good news for Louisiana. He’ll get tourists coming back to New Orleans again.

After an hour or two, Jason came into the bar with his wife, Crystal. Crystal was looking sullen and slightly pregnant, and Jason was looking… Well, he had that hard look about him, the mean look he got sometimes when he’d been disappointed.

Something’s up with the newly-weds.  There’s trouble in paradise.  Although it most certainly was never paradise, as they only got married because Crystal was pregnant. Anyway, it’s this silly argument centred around how Crystal has no money. She hasn’t got a job and has no training to find work. Jason has been providing her with money for shopping and bills, but under the influence of Tanya Grissom she’s spent all this money on going out and doing bad shopping. So now Jason is refusing to give her any money at all. Sookie decides to interfere by buying Crystal lunch and then stays out the way of the (presumably) big fight that’s on its way.

All my anger and unhappiness focused on Tanya Grissom. What the hell was she hanging around for, sniffing around Sam? What was her goal in drawing Crystal into this spending spiral?

From Dead to Worse: where enemies make your sister-in-law shop and talk to your boss!

She gets time to have a gander at the paper (really? I never had any time for that when I was a waitress) and there’s obituary for Sophie-Anne.

SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ, prominent businesswoman, residing in Baton Rouge since Katrina, died of Sino-AIDS in her home. Leclerq, a vampire, had extensive holdings in New Orleans and in many places in the sate. Sources close to Leclerq say she had lived in Louisiana for a hundred years or more.

By the time I got off work, I didn’t want to talk to anyone about anything.

But of course, I didn’t get my druthers.

There were two women waiting in the front yard at my house, and they both radiated anger.

Frannie and Quinn’s mother have shown up to try and force them back together. Because of reasons. Sookie refuses and walks into the house. Interesting point: we learn in this slight interlude that Quinn is not Quinn’s first name. John is Quinn’s first name. That’s right! He didn’t even bother to tell his girlfriend his first name. That is a new all-time low for the men in the Harris universe.

The worst part? When Sookie and Amelia are talking this over, they both agree on the fact that it couldn’t work as ‘he had his mama’. It’s such a bad thing for Sookie that he picked his mother over her! The mother who has serious mental trauma as a result of being captured and violently gang-raped.  Yeah. Bit harsh I would say.

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