A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter twelve

Victor Madden comes up to the door and is all like oh there are but a few of us! But Sookie calls him out on this instantly, and invites him and only him into her house.  The rest are held back by Amelia’s wards.  Victor strolls in, and they all forgot to hide Frannie, so the subterfuge attempted by Quinn is entirely pointless.  Well done there.

  “Please have a seat,” I said, though I sounded about as welcoming as a church lady forced to entertain an atheist.

what why why would you say that. Atheism doesn’t make you a nasty person to have in the house. I am an atheist, but it doesn’t mean I go about the place saying I HATE RELIGION and DEATH TO BABIES, PUPPIES AND THE AMERICAN WAY. In fact, saying that makes you the worse out of the two. Makes you sound ignorant and petty.

Victor comes in and tells them that Sophie-Anne has been murdered (BE STILL MY BEATING HEART ARGH NOOOO MOST INTERESTING CHARACTER GONNNNNEEE) and that all the most important vamps in Louisiana are dead, aside from those loyal to Eric who are holed up in Fangtasia.  They’re surrounded by vamps from Vegas who are prepared to burn the place down …. except that Pam is running around, picking off isolated members from the pack.  Aha. She’s so awesome. They want Eric to swear loyalty to the King of Nevada.

There was a sound outside the door, and it took me a moment to interpret it as a tiger’s noise. Quinn wanted in.

teeheee is it bad that I giggled because it rhymed?

Then something unexpected happened. Frannie snapped out of the trance, and she opened her mouth and began to scream. In about five seconds Quinn splintered my door by throwing his hundred and fifty pounds against it.

Quinn bounded into the house so quickly he knocked his sister down. He stood over her, roaring at all of us.

Smooth move there. Sookie whips out her mobile phone to call in her brand new great-granddaddy to come and save her from all this madness. It rings, and then Eric smashes the phone as apparently Niall would just kill all the people in the house or anyone he perceived as a threat to Sookie… which is not looking like a bad option at the moment. Save me the trouble of killing Bill. Both Bill and Eric have a ‘Who can love Sookie more?’ off as they both offer to die for her sake. Which isn’t needed, as she’s too valuable and interesting to die.

“Eric, this is the bottom line and my last offer. Do you accept my king’s takeover of Louisiana and Arkansas, or do you want to fight to the death?”

“I accept the sovereignty of your king,” Eric said, his voice flat.

Bill looked at me, his dark eyes dwelling on my face. “I accept,” he said.

And just like that, Louisiana had a new king, and the old regime was gone.

That was surprisingly peaceful. I thought there’d be more death and more body parts flying around. Rather anti-climatic.

Here’s my review for The Avengers.  It’s a bit choppy, as I had to edit the more spoilery/fangirly/ridiculously Captain Jack-y ideas for the Avengers 2. Hope you enjoy, and I hope you go to see the film.



One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter twelve

  1. Prejudice against atheists is very common in the United States. Notably, Sookie said a church lady against atheists with church lady being a very specific thing in the South. It’s a woman whose life revolves around the church.

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