A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter eleven

“They’ve taken out some of the sheriffs already.  Smaller forces are taking out the weaker ones while a larger force gathers to surround Fangtasia to deal with Eric.”

“When did this happen?” I asked [Frannie]. “How did Quinn get involved? How is he? Did he send you here?”

Of course he sent me here,” she said, as if I were the stupidest person she’d ever met. “He knows you’re tied to that vampire Eric, so that makes you part of the target.”

well, that’s reassuring.  Quinn is involved because his screws loose mother got loose from her care facility and went crazy in Vegas, murdering tourists.  The vampires had to clean up after he, and this put Quinn in even more debt.  He couldn’t go back into fighting, so they offered to take Frannie on as a donor.  He… reacted badly to this, so they suggested that he give them all the information they need to take over Louisiana, and to negotiate with the supe community at large.  So he hasn’t been able to get word to Sookie at all, and he still wants to be with her after she abandoned him in Chicago.

The sheriffs are dead and Sophie-Anne is probably dead as well.

Eric shows up, and Frannie starts to freak out, realising that she’s incredibly compromised by telling Sookie all this.  Bill glamours her and Sookie loudly announces she’s going to grab the shotgun Jason gave her.  Eric fetches it for her.

Eric had remembered where I kept the shotgun.  He’d learned that when he’d stayed with me while his memory was lost.

Oh no. That ain’t good.

Anyway, all the vamps of Vegas have turned up at the house because they followed Eric.  Well done there.  Amelia’s magical wards ought to hold, and only allow people Sookie permits inside.  A vampire named Victor Madden comes up to the door and asks to be let in.  They can hear a tiger roar in the distance – Quinn is there.

“May we come in?” asked the charming voice. “Or may we treat with one of you face-to-face? You seem to have quite a few safeguards on the house.”

“He’ll spare you,” Eric said, and I understood he wasn’t really talking to me but to himself. “You’re too unique to waste.”

And then he opened the door.

Oh dear. This ain’t gonna be good, and my beloved Sophie-Anne may be dead.  All together now – sad face tiem!

I went to see The Avengers tonight and will be posting a review on the blog tomorrow!

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