A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter eight

I had what amounted to an emotional hangover. Something had to change. I couldn’t spend another night like this.

I’ve been there far too many times to mention. I feel your pain sister.

I couldn’t stop the thought from going through my head – If Quinn were here, I could stay in my home without fear. And for a moment, I wasn’t just worried about my missing wounded boyfriend, I was mad at him.

As much as I’m enjoying the new and improved Sookie, I’m still not buying all this stuff about Quinn. You have no reason to be mad at him. It sounds like he’s dumped you and with good reason – you didn’t behave like a caring, sharing girlfriend. Actually, to be honest, he didn’t either. He didn’t tell her about his sister or his cage-fighting past. This was not a good relationship, and you should move on asap.

Sookie is upset about the whole assassination thing, so decides to go to the library. Yes, I approve of the beneficial effects of library use.  She bumps into Barbara Beck, wife of Alcee Beck, and thinks about how she’s too good for him because he’s a violent brute who likes to beat up prisoners. Tee hee.

  Barbara made a little noise, and I looked up. The man behind her was huge, at least six foot six, and whip thin. He had a big knife, and he was holding it to Barbara’s throat. For a second I thought he was a robber, and I wondered who would ever think of robbing a library. For the overdue-book money?

It’s another assassination attempt! It’s foiled by Dectective Beck with a gun and by Sookie throwing a book at the assassin.  Beck is all like ‘what the fuck Sookie why are people trying to kill you’ but seeing as he’s a violent brute I’m sure he’s assuming that this is probably some form of payback.

Then Sookie does an actual, genuine clever thing. Pissed at the whole situation, she takes the route of common sense and phones up Patrick Furnan to ask what the fuck is his problem and why is he trying to kill her. Amazingly, Alcide has not done this.  Patrick is desperate to know where his wife is and denies any involvement in the murders.  So… it’s not Patrick then? Someone else is doing all this?

“I think you and Alcide need to have a sit-down. He doesn’t have your wife. He thinks you’ve gone crazy, attacking women.”

That is a good idea.

Patrick agrees to this, as long as Sookie is there to tell each of us what the other is thinking.  She’s a friend of the pack, so she deserves support and protection from all members of the pack.

  “If what I suspect is true, you have a common enemy who’s trying to get you two to kill each other off.”

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