A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter six

There was a knock on the front door the next morning about an hour before I wanted to wake up.

I looked through the peephole and saw an elderly black woman with a halo of white hair.  She was light-skinned and her features were narrow and sharp: nose, lips, eyes. She was wearing magenta lipstick and a yellow pantsuit. But she didn’t seem armed or dangerous. This just goes to show how misleading first appearances can be.

Yeah, they can be misleading. I mean, if I saw someone who voluntarily put on yellow from head to toe, I’d know they were crazy and wouldn’t let them in the house. Sookie does, and it turns out that this is Octavia Fant who is here to tell Amelia off for something she already knew about. Sookie leaves them to it and goes to read today’s paper.

Maria-Star Cooper, […], 25, a resident of Shreveport, died unexpectedly at her home yesterday.

awooooohhhhhhh I liked Maria-Star. She had a nice name. Then Alcide phones up to tell us all that Maria-Star was murdered. so her death is probably linked to the attack on Sookie last night. Man. Harris is not kind to her characters. I mean, they do all have a high likelihood of dying.

“You need to ask your witch friend if she’ll go to Maria-Star’s apartment and get some kind of reading on what happened there. Is that possible? We want to know the Weres involved.”

Awesome! Another ectoplasmic reconstruction! That was a really interesting concept in Definitely Dead. It’s sad that it had to come out of the death of a young girl, although how come they both assume it’s werewolves that are doing this? I mean, yes, Sookie was attacked by a were, but Maria-Star could have just been killed by a random guy. Stuff like that happens, unfortunately.

Octavia gets all pissy because it’s Amelia trying to do stuff beyond her ability, like with Bob, but she can’t turn the cat back into a human. Huh. Seems a bit odd. Anyway, they all go off on some kind of weird evening out to a crime scene. As you do. Dawson, a were mentioned back in Dead as a Doornail, is there like guarding it or something. They go into the home of the late Maria-Star Cooper.

My way was blocked by the overturned occasional table with a big gash marring the wood. My eyes flickered over the irregular dark stains on the walls until my brain told me the stains were blood.

The smell was faint but unpleasant. I began to breathe shallowly so I wouldn’t get sick.

Eurgh. That’s awful.

The ectoplasmic reconstruction starts, and the shadowy, watery image of the murdered girl appears in the room. She does normal girl stuff, and then the image starts to panic. The door explodes, and shadowy figures burst into the room and begin tearing at her and biting her.  Then Cal Myers, right hand were to Patrick Furnan, stabs her in the chest. So weres are definitely involved, and they are targeting women specifically.

Oh god.

It ends, as the subject is dead, and the witches are promised something for their time. Sookie has to go to see Alcide and explain what happened.

I was scrambling into Dawson’s truck when I realized that this step dragged me even further into the Were war. Then I figured, Patrick Furnan already tried to kill me. Can’t get any worse.

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