A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter five

The patrolman shoots Eric in the neck, and then leans around him to shoot Sookie. Unfortunately, it leaves him open to attack as Eric grabs him and begins to drag him into the car.  Sookie takes the gun and aims it at him, asking who sent him. The patrolman, who is a werewolf, is not a Chatty Cathy and just says ‘them’. Real helpful answer there. Eric starts to eat him and he begs not to be turned. As if he would be.  Sookie gets out the car so she doesn’t see what happens to the human equivalent of a sippy cup.

I looked over the inside of the white car quickly but didn’t see an envelope marked “Revelation of who hired me, in case I get caught.”

That’s just unhelpful.

[Eric] was still excited by the unexpected attack, and he pinned me against the side of the car, holding my head at the correct angle for a kiss.  I felt a lurch of desire and came very close to saying, “What the hell, take me now, you big Viking”.

Boundaries. Take the time to establish boundaries. This is a bit unacceptable and repetitive. Neither of them know who the were was or who sent him. Sookie feels bad because being a survivalist makes her a ‘terrible Christian’. Never read about, say, the Crusades or into the history of any branch of any Christian church. I don’t think you could cope with any of the things that have been done in the name of just Christianity over the past two thousand years.

Eric tries making Sookie let him bite her. She says no, as she’s finally decided to listen to me and put those boundary things we discussed into action. She goes home, all empowered and shit, and talks to Amelia again. Amelia is sad because if the witches find out what she’s done (even though they already know) they’ll take away her magic practise for a year.

What magic practise? She doesn’t have a magic practise that we know of – if that means a shop. If not, then what does it mean? Is it just them saying ‘you can’t do magic’? How would they enforce that?

Alcide phoned while she was out. Called it. He’s coming back, he’s coming back, he’s coming back again, and he’s never going to go away again… sorry, had a sudden Dead Pets moment. Either way, he’s going to be important somehow.

Tanya Grissom called as well.

Charlaine Harris, stop trying to make Tanya Grissom happen. You are never going to make Tanya Grissom happen.

“She’s a treacherous bitch.”

To be fair, she didn’t actually DO anything, and hence why I dislike her character. She didn’t add anything to the story because she didn’t friggin’ do anything. Oh well. Let’s see how it goes.

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