A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ chapter four

It’s date night for Sookie.

I picked my most comfortable option and wore a sky blue silk T-shirt that Amelia had said was too big for her, and some black dress slacks with some black heels. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so a gold chain and some little gold earrings did the decorating for me.

Girrrrrllllll, you lookin’ red hot tonight.

Eric shows up and they get to drive in his red corvette.  The blood bond thing is still working its mojo, as she feels very warm and ‘absurdly happy’ in his presence. That can’t be a good thing. Andre’s death is another not-very-good thing, as the queen is distraught and the grief is affecting her ability to heal.

This is awful. Fuck Quinn and his stupid decision.

When they arrive at the restaurant, Eric takes the time to reassure Sookie (nice) and kiss her on the mouth (not so nice). He does this every time, Set up some boundaries. They walk in and it’s all suuuuuper posh, and then she greets the guy who so desperately wants to meet her.

Seated facing me was the lovely man who’d been at the wedding two nights before.

His ear was pointed. He was a fairy.





“I’m your great-grandfather,” Niall Brigant said.


“When I was still young, perhaps five or six hundred years ago, I used to wonder among the humans,” Niall said. “And every now and then, as a male will, I’d see a human woman I found appealing.”

“I saw such a woman in the woods one day, and her name was Einin. She thought I was an angel. She was delicious. She was lively and simple. I was young enough to be infatuated, young enough to be able to ignore the inevitable end of our connection as she aged and I did not. But Einin grew pregnant, which was a shock. Fairies and humans don’t often crossbreed often. Einin gave birth to twins, which is quite common among the fae. Einin and both boys lived through the birthing, which in those times was far from certain. She called our older son Fintan. The second was Dermot.”

okay I’m not coping with this so i’m going to bitch about history. Mortality rates resulting from childbirth five hundred years ago were much, much, MUCH lower than we would presume them to be – roughly about 1%. Childbirth isn’t even one of the top killers of women in this period; that dubious honor goes to burning alive in a cooking fire or drowning while washing clothes. Yes, there was a risk of dying in childbirth, but it was not the incredibly dangerous activity modern readers perceive it to be. In fact, if you want to talk about dying in childbirth, the most dangerous time to do so was in the latter nineteenth century when surgeons became more actively involved in childbirth and it became more institutionalised; hospitals and doctors were not healthy things and spread disease. So, yeah, ‘far from certain’ is a load of bullcrap. And now you know.

“Fintan the Half Fairy was your paternal grandfather, Sookie.”

“I saw her after Fintan made her pregnant. She was lovely. Her husband had told her he could not give her children. He’d had the mumps at the wrong time. That’s a disease, isn’t it? She met Fintan one day when she was beating a rug out on the clothesline, in back of the house where you now live. He asked her for a drink of water. He was smitten on the spot. She wanted children so badly, and he promised her he could give them to her.”


if you remember my reviews for Dead Until Dark, you’ll know that I FELL IN LOVE WITH ADELE STACKHOUSE. And now she’s being retconned into some woman crazy for babies? I don’t get it. I also don’t understand how Sookie wouldn’t, um, you know, have heard all this from Adele’s mind. Sookie, having known her grandmother was a rigidly moral and Christian woman, immediately counters that she was raped.

“No, he did not. She wanted children, though she didn’t want to be unfaithful to her husband. Fintan didn’t care about the feelings of others, and he wanted her desperately. But he was never violent. He would not have raped her. However, my son could talk a woman into anything, even into something against her moral judgement…And if she was very beautiful, so was he.”

Firstly, what does ‘if she was beautiful, then so was he’ exactly mean? Secondly, forcing someone to sleep with you by manipulating their mind using magic powers? Sounds like rape to me. Stop skirting around the issue of rape Ms Harris. I get uncomfortable whenever you talk about it. Fairy mind powers make women obsessed with them, as Sookie’s mother was obsessed about her father, but this was mentioned in an earlier book, so hats off for that piece of subtle foreshadowing.

“I’ve known about your family for the past sixty years, give or take. But my son Fintan forbade me seeing any of you. Fintan is dead. After all, he was half human. And he’d lived for seven hundred years.”

Those wacky half humans. Sookie asks if Niall can take the telepathy away, as it’s obviously not working out for her. Niall says no, but he can help out in other ways; after all, he sent her Claudine! Only someone of part-fae blood can have such a relationship with a fairy. Even though Einin had a relationship with a fairy and had no fae blood. Anyway, Niall talks about how there are nasty fairies out there, and how becoming an angel takes such a physical and moral transformation, which is bullshit. Sookie asks if he can find Quinn for her, and then decides against it.

“Don’t look for Quinn. He knows where I am, and he’s got my number. He’ll show up when he feels like he can, I guess. Or not.”

You abandoned him in Chicago. I think he’s got a right to be pissed off at you.

OH. What about Jason?

“Somehow the essential spark passed Jason by. I know he is made of the same material as you, but in him the blood has only shown itself in his ability to attract lovers, which after all is not much recommendation. He wouldn’t understand or appreciate our connection.”

Fairies are elitist snobs.

Anyway, the meal is over, and Eric has been waiting patiently for her. This is not going to go well. Fae scent is intoxicating and irresistible to vampires and Sookie has spent the evening with a fairy. Oh god.

“When you smell like that, I just want to fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

boundaries dude. Boundaries.

Oh and get this gem.

America had the distinction (along with Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, England and GERMANY) of being a country that had responded to the Great Revelation with relative calm.

I’m sorry? In book 3 you singled out Germany as being one of the countries who declared that vampires were subhuman and should not be recognised by law. Don’t backtrack on your Germany hate.

Eric gets pulled over by a policeman for speeding.

Then the patrolman came up to the window and tried to shoot me.

so much in this chapter i can’t deal with it

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