A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter nineteen

Sookie is panicking the whole of the two day drive back home to Bon Temps that Frannie is going to call the police on her, for no good reason. No good reason that they would arrest her, and no good reason why Frannie would call them in the first place.

Amelia is overjoyed that she’s back home and safe, and they hug and stuff.

And there’s been a secret and surprise wedding!!

Tara and JB du Rone have married for unknown reasons!! But it’s so nice and happy that Tara has someone to look after her that I don’t care!!

She truly believed she’d swept all her bad memories into a corner. She was in the mood to credit the world with benevolence.

I would try that, too. I would do my best to smother the memory of that moment when I’d glanced back to see Quinn pulling himself along by his elbows. He’d reached Andre, who lay mute and stricken. Quinn had propped himself on one elbow, reached out with his other hand, grabbed the piece of wood lying by Andre’s leg and jammed it into Andre’s chest. And, just like that, Andre’s long life was over.

He’d done it for me.

How could I be the same person?

what what what

he killed andre


no, i mean literally why

sure he would be pissed, but he’d be pissed at eric and that oughtn’t effect sookie seeing as she’s a human and has no say in vampire stuff

oh god

shit is going to turn bad i can just feel it

sad tiems.

What did I think of All Together Dead? I think this is the book that best encapsulates the very best and the very worst of Charlaine Harris’s writing. The world she has created is brilliant and really engrossing; it’s funny and fantastical, whilst still being grounded in reality and a world easily recognisable. I love the wider vampire world. I love the secondary and tertiary and one shot characters that pop up – they are creative and fun, and I love them. The problem is that I love them more than the main character herself. I can overlook the fact that the narrative is still odd and clunky in regards to time, and how hurriedly things happen to reach the end, but I do not like Sookie Stackhouse herself, and that is a big problem for me. She is a mean and vapid character, who only satisfies herself, and how slow she is is really grating. I don’t know how she will change and improve, as she is currently stuck on ‘childish’ and honestly, I couldn’t give a fuck about whether she ends up with Eric or with Bill or Amelia seduces her into a polyamorous relationship with Pam. It’s Amelia, and Pam, and Sophie-Anne that keeps me reading these books.

Predictions for book 8, From Dead to Worse:

  • Sookie and Quinn are going to break up because she’s a lousy girlfriend
  • Bill is going to die. Horribly.
  • Diantha, the perky demon girl, is going to turn up alive and well.
  • Amelia and Pam will be cute.
  • Alcide will come back, as we haven’t seen him properly for a while.
  • Bad shit with Jason and Crystal.
  • Sam will come back properly and will be involved in the plot for real this time.

I’ll archive it all tomorrow, as I’m all tired and shit from moving back home after the holidays.

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3 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter nineteen

  1. I’m always surprised when people don’t like Sookie. She’s resourseful and self-reliant. She sees the world in a unique way. She is selfless and giving and very rarely judgmental.

    • Rarely judgemental? I’m sorry, but she is constantly judging people. Case in point: her reactions to Portia Bellefleur. This is a woman who she barely knows, and yet constantly feels the need to belittle her and insult her for no good reason that has yet to be presented in the books. Perhaps Portia was mean to her in high school – but we are never told this, so Sookie’s rather harsh attitude seems wildly inappropriate with how she was brought up and her life experience.

  2. Ahem- Okay, and this is again going my memory here… but this is one of my favorite books of the series. Maybe because I was picturing the actual Summit in my head and all the twist and turn goodness that ended up happening. Sookie, as a character, has her moments with me. There are times where I remember thinking THANK GOD she came through and times where I have to convince myself that maybe she is purposely being portrayed as slow or lacking of some common sense as to throw off the readers, so we don’t figure out ‘whodunit’- even if sometimes it seems painfully obvious.

    My biggest beef with her, apart from her lack of a spine when it comes to Eric, who I shamefully admit to loving even though he’s an ass, is that she seems to ‘stand up’ for herself in the most inappropriate times and/or situations, then turn the other cheek when she should be putting her foot down. It’s almost like a delayed reaction where your like “Really? that happened 5 chapters or 2 books ago and NOW she wants to show she has balls?” or its like “So why are you mad at (this person)? They didn’t do anything to you, that we know of, yet without explanation we’re just supposed to accept they’re the bad guys ’cause you said so!”

    Other then all that… I remember this book being full with a lot more action and reasoning and plot then some of the future books that end up seeming more transitional strictly to introduce new characters and/or eliminate some.

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