A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter eighteen

The news from the explosions is not good.  Most of the vampires are critically injured, missing or dead.  Some crawled out at night, which wasn’t great for the rescue workers still trying to rescue people.  Sookie starts making noises about seeing Quinn, but then can only think about how she outed her ability to members of the rescue service and thinks they might start to use her in a professional capacity, and then she might have to give up the fact that some of the police in Bon Temps beat prisoners and take bribes.  The difficulties of being a good citizen. She then goes on about Christian Baruch to Mr. Cataimpossiblenametospell, because this wouldn’t be one of the the final chapters of a Sookie Stackhouse novel without her explaining all the plot details to at least one person.

Still… who killed the Arkansas vampires, and Arkansas vampire mook number three?

Who’d thought she had a good chance of skipping a trial altogether, if Jennifer Carter was silenced?

Who’d be prepared the way to be admitted to Jennifer’s room, by the simple means of a phone call?

Who’d had a good long moment of telepathic communication with her underlings before she began the artificial flurry of primping for the impromptu visit?

Whose bodyguard had been coming out of the stairway door just as we were exciting the suite?

Oh yes, Sophie-Anne is a freaking badass. She can dance around any situation and when. Except not now, as she’s lost both her legs in the explosion. Eeep. Still…. badass.

Sookie goes to check on Quinn, who is unconscious, and being tended to by his sister Frannie. They talk for a little while, and Frannie is spiky and teenage but generally likeable. She even gives Sookie her car so Sookie can go home and abandon her boyfriend so that she can calm down from the stress of all this. How will this epic tale conclude in the last chapter? Will Sookie manage to become suddenly likeable and loveable? Will Bill finally die? Will I start to get my energy back before I start to review From Dead to Worse? Check tomorrow and find out!

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