A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter seventeen

My eyes snapped open like shades that were wound too tight.

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Sookie, something’s wrong.

Barry, where are you?

Standing at the elevators on the human floor.

I’m coming.

Let me guess. The trouble that has been brewing and Sookie has been warned about at least twice is going down.

I felt like I was on the Titanic, and I’d just heard the hull scrape against the iceberg.

ooooo what an odd coincidence that this chapter comes up in the centennial month of the sinking of the Titanic. Sookie finds that Jake Purifroy has collapsed right outside her room and she FINALLY gets what the point behind all those hints that have been dropped to her over the last few chapters.

I’d been a fool to discount, even for a minute, the warning that Clovache has passed along.

Really? Do you think?

There are extra coffins (how did anyone miss those?) and those mysterious suitcases… which are presumably stuffed full of explosive puppies. Vampires are stupid.

She meets up with the demons and Barry, and they pull the fire alarms and the police so they can get all the humans awake and out before they can think about rescuing the vampires.  Sookie runs straight to help (surprise, surprise) Eric, instead of her recently injured boyfriend, as the explosions begin to rock the hotel.  She wakes up Eric with difficulty, and shove Pam into her coffin.  Using the coffin, they break the room’s window and slide the coffin down the side of the hotel to escape.  The coffin explodes when it hits the ground, with Sookie safe in the air as Eric can, you know, fly.

He also has super strength, so this whole bit was rather pointless.

The vampires start burning up in the sunlight, and the EMTs are unsure as to what to do. I don’t know, cover them up? Does no one have any common bloody sense? Sookie tells them what to do, as every authority in these books is essentially impotent.

Then something awesome happens as she watches the building disintegrate.

I saw Mr. Cataliades standing at an empty frame where the glass had fallen away. Somehow, he had worked his way down to the human floor. He was holding a bundle wrapped in a bedspread, clutching it to his chest.

Sookie remembers just in time that she’s supposed to be a caring character, so helps the official rescue effort and FINALLY remembers that oh yeah, she has a boyfriend who got seriously hurt to help her. She finds Quinn and his sister Frannie, only after rescuing that eternal shitstain Bill. He can’t even die in a fucking hotel explosion. This is not fair. She finds Andre, and thinks about killing him. For reasons. Then she walks away.

Barry and Sookie use their telepathic abilities to help locate human survivors. As well meaning as this is, it’s just going to bring them to the attention of the FBI, and to appear in an episode of the X Files. So they run away and stay anonymously at a hotel. A non exploded one.

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