A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter thirteen

Donati confirms that it was a bomb, as if we needed further confirmation of this seeing as it was taken off by the bomb disposal squad. No one knows who it was meant for, or whether it was planted at random. The only thing the security chief is sure of is that it’s unconnected to the deaths of all the Arkansas vampires. This security chief is useless isn’t he?

I was distracted by a wave of warmth.

Eric was coming.

I’d never had such a clear sense of his presence, and my heart sank as I knew the blood exchange had been an important one. If my memory was clear, it was the third time I’d taken Eric’s blood, and three is always a significant number.

Poor you Sookie. Poor you.

No matter where I went, I could feel Eric’s presence; to make that even more unsettling, I found his nearness was somehow comforting, as if it made me more secure.

Oh, just great.

There’s the wry, sarcastic gal I fell in love with. Eric is all happy and buoyant about how he made Bill stay downstairs. He was willing to come running up and take the bomb from her, like Quinn and Eric. I wish I was able to attract so many selfless, useless men to come to my aid when I find poorly constructed bombs.

She’s a bit overwhelmed by all this and proceeds to go off on a long and sarcastic rant at Sophie-Anne.

“You are assuming I know what you are talking about, and that I want to hear a human yelling at me.”

Love you Sophie-Anne.

Quinn and Sookie go to bed together, sans sexy times.They talk a little about his past, but they come to a conclusion that uh… Sookie’s got no problems with the fact that his mother was gangraped. Good for you Sookie for being so open minded.

She then proceeds to get ready for the big vampire dance ball. Oh god, the clothes porn. It’s reached a ridiculous level. I would include how much she goes on about her hair and makeup, but I feel that would be rather cruel.

Oh, boy. My dress was ice blue, and had silver and white beads, and was cut just the right depth in the front, and back. It had a built-in bra so I didn’t have to wear one, and I pulled on some blue panties that would never leave a line on me. Then thigh-high hose. Then my shoes, which were high heeled and silvery.

I’m so glad that I know all about Sookie’s knickers and what hold-up she’s wearing. I wouldn’t be able to go on without knowing this. The whole politics and terrorism angle just wouldn’t work if I didn’t know that she had VPL knickers.

Anyway, the queen’s trial is still on. Bet you’re glad that you put on those blue pants!

The trial room is catering only to vampires, and the judge is the Ancient Pythoness who….. I’m not sure who or what she is, other than that is a stupid title. The sole remaining Arkansas vampire testifies that Sophie-Anne married the king for the sole purpose of murdering him for his kingdom. I don’t know anything about Arkansas, but Sookie has said that it’s not wealthy or held in particularly high regard, so I’m guessing that this boils down to: LOL as if sophie-anne would she has better things to do with her time.

Someone had told Henrik Feith that the queen planned to kill him.

Sookie stands up and the AP is rather pissed off, but there’s no way of stopping Sookie once she’s started, especially as she’s reading the mind of the Arkansas vampire. Uh, I thought she couldn’t read vampire minds. That was why they liked having her around. Is this part of the blood-thing with Eric? Why? Why would it let her read random vampire mook number three’s mind and not Eric’s?

Anyway, the bitchin’ Sophie-Anne is declared innocent, is given Arkansas, and the AP asks the vampire mook who has been feeding him lies. He’s about to answer her when…

There was a thin wooden shaft protruding from his chest, and as soon as his eyes identified it, Henrik’s hand rose to touch it and he swayed.

Well, poop.

And Quinn leaped across the stage to knock me down, and he took the second arrow, the insurance arrow, that was meant for Henrik. It was quite unnecessary. Henrik was dead when he hit the floor.

Definite shenanigans are running around gleefully.

My latest Supernatural video is out today! Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’m going to have an offical Dottie Smith facebook page up and running, and I’m hoping all you… Dottiers… will like it! If you like this page, I’ll take that as an assumption you approve of this 😉


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