A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter twelve

Sookie’s still not doing so good when she gets to the luggage room.  The security down there is pretty lax, and there’s another human dogbody looking for a misplaced case. That’s an odd coincidence, I wonder if it has any significance. The cases have no proper labelling identifying them to any particular vampire and the security guards are oddly uncaring and lax.

Shit. There are shennanigans afoot I believe.

She goes back upstairs with the stupid misnamed case and there’s a fizzy pop can outside the queen’s room, and it bothers here because it’s litter and messing up the place. She’s gonna throw it away. Riveting stuff.

But it was a lot heavier than it should have been.

The colors and the design made the cylinder look like a Dr Pepper can in almost every respect, but it just wasn’t.

Well done. You have found your very first bomb.

Batanya shows up AND IS AWESOME. She makes good burping jokes and then is like ‘I’ll phone up the security service, but then you’re on your own because I have a job to do’. I like you Batanya. Quinn then shows up and wants her to put down the can, and then is willing to pick up the can himself, and then asks whether she’s being a martyr for the vampires on purpose. That’s the way to get people to down a bomb – insult their life choices. Eric comes in at this point, and tries using vampire mind powers to make her put it down – something he knows doesn’t work. A vampire member of the bomb squad turns up (named, according to his name tag, ‘Boom) and Sookie puts the can inside a box he’s holding before he goes away again. Sookie collapses into Quinn’s arms, and Eric walks off again.

He doesn’t seem to do very much, does he?

Then the elevator and the stair opened simultaneously, and all manner of people wanted to talk to me.

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