A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter eleven

Someone found this blog by searching ‘werewolf orgasm’. The internet scares and confuses me sometimes, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Sookie is called to the queen’s side, but she doesn’t seem to do much, other than stand around and freak out the other vampire kings and queens with her… staring-ness? The queen then tells her to go to the luggage room and pick up some suitcase that was abandoned down there. There’s a whole hotel full of staff, why send down the valuable and useful telepath you’re paying to listen into brains?

Andre escorts her out and then something unpleasant happens.

Andre did another movement that was so fast it was a blur, and then his wrist was in front of me, dripping blood. “Drink,” he said, and I felt pushing at my mind. “You have to have a stronger connection to Sophie-Anne or me.”

“I don’t want you to have control over me. I’m going back to my real life.”

“You don’t have a real life anymore.” Andre said.

His wrist came closer to my mouth, and I clamped my lips together, though I was sure Andre would break my teeth if he had to.

Suddenly there was a third presence in the stark beige corridor.  Eric, still wearing the black velvet cape, hood thrown back, was standing right by us, his face uncharacteristically uncertain.




Apart from the fact that Andre and the queen have much more sway than Eric and are higher in status than him so he can’t really do much.

“We’ve exchanged blood several times, Sookie and I,” Eric said. “In fact, we’ve been lovers.” He took a step closer. “I think she wouldn’t be so balky if I were the blood giver.”

I guess that could work. They do the dirty (blood exchanging) right then and there in the corridor in front of Andre. Eric wraps her up in his cloak, and Sookie finds this whole business incredibly disgusting and humiliating; she has to be bitten (and this is painful in this context) and then has to drink from Eric.

And then Quinn flung open the door and stepped into the corridor.

This aint gonna be good.

“What the hell are you doing?” he roared, and I wasn’t sure if he meant me, or Eric, or Andre.

“They are obeying orders,” Andre said sharply.

“My woman doesn’t have to take orders from you,” Quinn said.

This is an awkward and delicate situation, not made better by the fact Eric has going all dreamy and twinkly, and has a massive stain on the crotch of his pants. Thanks Eric. You were a real help. Sookie can’t deal with this situation, as no one in their right mind could, so she runs out to the luggage room and bursts into tears. Can’t help but feel sorry for the girl at this point.

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