A review of Charliane Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter eight

Sookie is just about to set off to the airport to go to the super speshul vampire summit.  She’s going to Chicago, to stay at a special vampire hotel called the ‘Pyramid of Gizeh hotel’.

Minor point, but Giza is spelt, well, as Giza. The ‘Gizeh’ is sometimes used, but um…. it does make you look like you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s a building made to look like a pyramid, but it’s not high enough or steep enough so it looks stupid. It’s stupid all round. Sookie and Amelia drive off you the airport, some guy who works for Eric acts like an asshole, then Sookie gets on the plane. Mr. Catimpossiblenametospell is there, cordial as ever, and so is Diantha.

Diantha wore the strangest ensembles, and tonight she’d topped herself. [That’s a poor choice of words. I’m guessing this doesn’t have the same meaning in the US as it does in the UK.] Maybe five feet tall, bony thin, Diantha had chosen orange calf-length leggings, blue Crocs, a white ruffled skirt and a tie-dyed tank top.

You know, I could like this outfit. I’d never wear it myself but seriously – Crocs? *shudder*

There’s another human companion on the plane, Johan Glassport, the queen’s lawyer. All the vampire sheriffs and the queen and her retinue are in their coffins in the luggage racks. Johan is an asshole until he finds out she’s the sole witness, and then he begins questioning her about the legal stuff for when she gives testimony and shit. He’s not a nice guy, even by the Harris universe. He was in jail in Mexico for knifing a woman.

Wow. That’s a horrible man.

So a perfect choice for a vampire queen then.

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One thought on “A review of Charliane Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter eight

  1. Uh, in the US saying someone has topped themselves is saying that they have gone farther in being outrageous than they have so far done. It can be a compliment- such as saying someone has really outdone themselves with organizing a party; or it can be dubious- such as saying that someone has gone overboard with, say, their wild outfit. I’m pretty sure in the UK saying someone is top themselves means they have killed themselves… yes?
    But this is an old post, so you probably already knew all that.

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