A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter seven

It’s time, dear children, to tell you of the epic tale of Eric and Pam. Pam starts out by saying that Eric and her were entirely unaware of the real reason why Bill was sent to Bon Temps (to seduce Sookie), and that Bill has been hurt by this whole situation.

“These days Bill is full of anger, but he doesn’t know who to hate. He feels guilty, and no one likes that. Eric is frustrated that he can’t remember the time he was in hiding at your house, and he doesn’t know what he owes you. He’s angry that the queen has annexed you for her own purposes, through Bill, and thus poached on Eric’s territory.”

This is starting to turn into a supernatural version of Glee. And I really hate Glee.

So everyone is angry with each other because they’re all so into Sookie. Whatever. There is an interesting aside where Pam says it’s unusual for a human descended from fae to be telepathic. Does that mean that Sookie is descended from something else? What gave her that gift?


“I was a very wild girl for my times. Young ladies weren’t supposed to be alone with gentlemen, or any males, for that matter. [So not their fathers or husbands then? Sloppy generalisation.] A far cry from now. But I was romantic and bold. I slipped out of my house late at night to meet the cousin of my dearest friend, the girl who lived right next door. The cousin was visiting from Bristol, and we were very attracted to each other. My parents didn’t consider him to be my equal in social class, so I knew they wouldn’t let him court me. And if I were caught alone with him at night, it would be the end of me. No marriage, unless my parents could force him to wed me. So, no future at all. Crazy to to think of now. Those were the times when women didn’t have choices.”

Hold up.

I’m studying women and gender currently. Yes, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, rights for women in society were at a low point, and for some, they had constricted lives. HOWEVER, to say that ‘women didn’t have choices’ is bullshit. It’s a generalisation across society, across the class system in England, and overlooks the role women played in the household.

Also LOL concerns about her virginity. The levels of pre-marital sex in this period would make your eyes boggle.

Moving on.

“On my way back to my house, trying to move so silently through the garden, I met Eric. There was no way to slip silently enough to avoid him. And it really was the end of me. I think he was lonely. At first, I was shocked. After he’d drained me, he put me in bed in my own room, and of course, my family thought I’d died of some mysterious ailment, and they buried me.”

Did they not see the massive bite mark on your neck?

“Up until the night I died, I’d always been a very conventional woman underneath my daring tendencies. After I’d awakened, I discovered being a vampire freed some wild thing in me.”

Eric and Pam had a lot of sex, went Oop North, and then onto the continent. She also apparently wore hair pads to give her hair height, but seeing as she appears to have died roughly at the turn of the century I find this highly questionable. After this interesting look at a life, Pam asks Sookie to have mercy on Eric. He’s far too entangled in his emotions lately.

Then Eric walks out of the shadows.

He sends Pam off, and then proceeds to suck face with Sookie.


He wants her to be his, even though she’s involved with Quinn. She doesn’t know him much more than she knew Bill, which is a stupid thing to say, it’s not going to get her hot for you dude. He’s been trying to work out how he ended up running to her house, in the first chapter of Dead to the World (which seems an age away) and then he flies away again.

Oh Eric, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all, but you never seem to come across this way in the books. All you seem to do is show up, snog Sookie, whinge, and then fly off again.

It’s my very latest Supernatural review!


2 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter seven

  1. I love your recap! Harris is so far off on actual history, I seriously think she reads crappy romance novels and, regardless of the time period of those novels, rips off ideas of how she thinks things should be. Gar.

    • It really bugs me. I mean, I like the books, but the historical stuff is really a peeve of mine (more so now that I’m working for a degree in the subject). It’s not diffiuclt to look up, and she just resorts to broad generalisations. Garrr!

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