A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter four

So I guess it’s time to run out to a wedding.  Yeah.

I wore a sleeveless white dress with red flowers on it.  Out of sheer vanity, I put on my high-heeled red sandals, though they were hardly practical footwear for a wedding on a roughly paved road.

That’s a nice outfit.

Amelia was wearing a short-sleeved dress, beige with a tiny navy pattern. She wore little navy sandals with flowers on the straps, much more appropriate than my heels.

That’s not a nice outfit.

Hotshot was out in the middle of nowhere, set in a long depression in the middle of gently rolling land, sweels that were too ill-defined to be called hills. Formed around in an ancient crossroads, the lonely community has a powerful vibration of magic.

How do the happy couple look?

Jason was wearing a new suit, and the blue of it was only a bit darker than the blue of his eyes. Crystal was wearing a leopard-print dress cut as low in the front as you could get and still term the garment a dress.

She then proceeds to hit on Quinn, as he’s got this mysterious backstory we still don’t know about. Stay classy as always Crystal. Calvin begins talking about the responsibilities of joining a community like Hotshot, which involves caring for the whole community, staying faithful, not giving her up, not running around, not telling a lie or hurting her… and if they do something wrong, Calvin and Sookie have to take a ‘penalty’ for them. Wow, that‘s not foreshadowing at all.  They begin the vows, and Sookie can see that Crystal doesn’t mean it and calls her out on it.

I had a difficult time holding back my tears while my brother became the bridegroom of a wild and wilful girl who had been dangerous from birth.

This is not going to end well at all.

Also apparently Amelia sleeps with some guy from Hotshot and they have to explain it to Bob the cat tomorrow. Uh, yay, zaniness?

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