A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter three

Amelia comes bustling back is apparently unnaturally tactful.  There’s some talk about her shopping and about Bob, the Mormon man witch she turned into a cat who currently lives with her at Sookie’s house. I might not like the answer, but WHAT kind of sex ends up in the man being turned into a CAT? The narrative then starts talking about the fact that Amelia has a constant supply of money while not really having an income.  Turns out her father is Copley Carmichael.  Who is that?

Copley Carmichael was a big name in the state of Louisiana. He had fingers in all kinds of financial pies, and all those fingers were pretty dirty.

They then talk about how he doesn’t believe in witchcraft, but I think that pales in comparison to the fact that Amelia’s father is what, sort of maybe involved in the mob? Is that the implication? Whatever, he’s a total gangsta. He gave Amelia the apartments so she’d have her own independent income. Which isn’t very independent when you think about it.

Also apparently Bob has no family that cares about him, so it’s all fine with him being a cat. Huzzah.

Then Jason phones up and says they need to come to Hotshot in an hour because he’s getting married.

say what

you just decided to get married on a whim

all right okay

oh no, they’re getting married because Crystal is pregnant again and they want to be married for when the baby comes


Jason was older than I, and God knows, he’d had his share of women. I had to assume he knew when one suited him.

[Quinn] came over to me, and wrapped his heavy arms around me. I felt comforted, even though I knew Quinn was thinking what a fool Jason was.

I pretty much agreed with him.

short chapter so enjoy a SPOILERiffic review of The Hunger Games.


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