A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ chapter one

I realised that I didn’t put up my ongoing totals in my final review of Definitely Dead.  To be honest, I found the doing it took me forever to do, so I’ve decided to forego it.  Readers can still try and tot up the clothes porn count, or how many people have died, but I’m not interested in doing it myself.

Righty ho, let’s start this!

First thing that should be mentioned – hurricane Katrina has happened since the events of the last book.  I am not going to make any comments on the nature of the tragedy itself (as I myself know precious little about it, as I am English) but I think it is admirable that Ms Harris mentions it and does not ignore it.  It adds to the realism of her world, and um… it’s hard to say; it just feels that she COULD have ignored it for the sakes of making the plot easier, but that she’s acknowledging the difficulties experienced through this tragedy.

I probably explained that very poorly. Ho hum.

Anyway, Fangtasia is closed for super secret vampire stuff that Sookie has been invited to.  She’s let in by Pam who proceeds to give her some emotional health counseling.  I love Pam. I love that Pam is excited about finding out what bridal showers are and wants to go to a baby shower.  I like this.

Eric is there and we are reminded that he has a magnificent body.  Sookie also has an magnificent body as a vampire named Clancy leers over her. Hang on who is clancy? (LOL wordpress tried to make me put ‘lepers’ instead of leers. Although, seriously, the wordpress word processor is bugged to shit.)

Clancy, the bar manager, had claimed one of the two visitor chairs before the desk.  Clancy had just barely survived the previous year’s Witch War, but he hadn’t come out unscathed.

hang on no no NO NO NO NO

you told us SPECIFICALLY that Clancy had died.  I remember that happening.  You can check the reviews from Dead to the World, but it’ll only prove that I am right.  A woman named Debi Murray is mentioned in the acknowledgements as being the new continuity person and that we are to blame her for mistakes. Well, Debi Murray, there’s a mistake already on page four.

There are a bunch of other vampires but they’re not important to the plot right now, but most sound very interesting, especially Thalia.  Andre is there, as well as Jake Purifoy.  Pure Jake Purifoy.

The going was very rough for Jake, who occupied a lonely no-man’s-land.

Hurricane Katrina has had a devastating effect on the New Orleans vampires.

New Orleans had been the place to go for vampires and those who wanted to be around them ever since Anne Rice had been proven right about their existence. The city was like Disneyland for vamps. But since Katrina, all that had gone to hell, of course, along with so much else. Even Bon Temps was feeling the storm’s effect, and had been ever since Katrina had hit land. Our little town was still crowded with people who had fled from the south.

The vamps have basically lost everything and a lot of them are dead.  I’m not trying to poke fun at the situation at all, I’m just trying to summarise a few pages of rather dry conversation.

“You know what I wonder, y’all? I wonder if one of the kings or queens attending this summit, or whatever you all call it, has a – like a weather predictor, or something like that on staff?”

This is Sookie’s contribution to the meeting.  Basically, as it is September (I think), and the vampire summit that has been talked about for two books was meant to happen in April, it seems suspicious that it was delayed and delayed until the once strong Sophie-Anne now finds herself in an incredibly weak position with no husband to aid her…. well. You know how much I adore shenanigans.

The vampires of Arkansas are suing Sophie-Anne for murdering their king and Sookie is the only witness. Uh oh, really not good.

“None of the Arkansas vampires who came to Louisiana with their king survived to tell the tale.” Eric smiled, and it wasn’t a pleasant smile.

I hadn’t known that before this night.

Gosh, wasn’t that convenient.

Yes, very.

John Watson does not approve of your vampire shenanigans.

OMG you guys, I think I’ve got my dissertation topic sorted! Watch my videos as part of my celebration! I also found a kitten this morning. Today is a good day, as I’ve gotten over 3000 hits! Huzzah!


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