A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter twenty three

This is the last chapter in the book.  Now, I always give my general opinions of the book in my last review/summary/recap shiz, and overall, my opinions of these books has been generally positive.  My review of Definitely Dead was going to be very positive.  Sure, there were a lot of problems with this book, I’m not going to deny that.  It was fundamentally weakened by having the events that cause the plot (Hadley’s death) happen outside of the book, and this really left me confused for a large part of the book confused as to what exactly was going on.  I didn’t find out until half way through the book and that was entirely unacceptable to me.  I did not like the large chunks of exposition that would occur randomly and disrupt the flow of the narrative and seemed very unnatural.  The pacing was poor; this is something that is a consistent weakness in Harris’s works. Sookie did not get to New Orleans for a very long time in the book, and this held up the plot and left the end chapters being rammed full of events and actions happening thick and fast until I almost lost track of events.  These were things I could overlook, as I loved the switch of setting.  I loved the exploration of the wider vampire political world outside of Bon Temps, and all of the new characters introduced in this book I really, really liked and either were themselves interesting, or provided an interesting dynamic.  And Bill was finally proved to be an absolute dick.

HOWEVER, and this is a very big HOWEVER, nearly all of this last chapter is exposition for the audience in order to explain how exactly the plot is resolved.  If Ms Harris had cut down on her very, very long introduction, this would have not been needed. It’s rather wasteful, and frankly a little boring. I understand why she’s doing this; in previous books, the resolution or reasoning to plot points have not always been explained well, and it has been somewhat confusing.  What she does is not the solution.

So what is the exposition? LIST TIME AGAIN.

  • Amelia is going to Bon Temps with Sookie as the witches of New Orleans are kinda pissed at her.
  • Sookie told Mr Cataimpossiblenametospell that Jade Flower killed Gladiola.
  • She knew this because the Pelts (oh god i hated that part) didn’t kill her.
  • Jade Flower was quick and deadly enough to kill a demon.
  • Someone saw Jade Flower stop for gas. Even though she has vampiric speed to, you know, run and kill someone.
  • Hadley stole the queen’s bracelet, but didn’t fully understand what was going on with it.
  • The law student that helped Sookie move Hadley’s stuff is going to live at Amelia’s.
  • i am going to die of boredom
  • Sookie is going to be okay with the horrible betrayal and nastiness of Bill’s plan to seduce her.
  • the book ends.
  • oh god.

I think in terms of how much I like it, this book is definitely one of the better ones, but I really wish it had a better editor. And someone to check the continuity errors.  What do you guys think? I see I’ve got a lot of new followers over the reviewing of this book, and I’d really love to hear your opinions. I’d also like to hear some book suggestions.  I’ve managed to do five books in what, just under four months?  So it shouldn’t be too long until I’ve finished all the published books in the Southern Vampire series, and I’m going to continue my reviews. Any ideas? I’m thinking of The Hunger Games (which I haven’t read yet) or the Millennium Trilogy (of which I have seen the films but not read the books).  Love to hear some feedback 🙂

Also have a look-see at my video site, because I’m going to always plug this shiz!


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