A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter nineteen

Sookie goes to sleep then wakes up, puts on exercise clothes and then someone knocks on the door.  I mean, this is fascinating stuff.  The guy at the door is some law student of Mr. Cataimpossiblenametospell who’s going to take away all Hadley’s stuff that Sookie doesn’t want. Quinn also shows up with some food which is nice, because Sookie hasn’t actually eaten anything in what, the last two days? She keeps talking about how there isn’t any food in the place as Hadley was a vampire, without going out for food.

Amelia also apparently slept with Bob the witch.  We then go and talk about the sechsual tension between Quinn and Sookie.

Being with Quinn all day was stoking my fire a bit hotter every moment

oooo baby

It was back to flirting with Quinn wordlessly – making sure he had a good view when I stretched up to get a glass down from the cabinets or bent down to wrap that glass in newspaper. Maybe a quarter of me was embarrassed, but the rest of me was having fun. Fun had not been a big factor in my life recently – well, ever – and I was enjoying my little toddle on the wild side.

“Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you, and I’ll back off,” he said, and then he was kissing me.

I didn’t say a word.

They then dry hump for a page and a half.

Seriously? Why? If they want to have sex, why don’t they just have sex? Dry humping is well, rather juvenile and adolescent.  And not sexy or romantic. Bleughrrrrghhhhh.

And in the courtyard, swarming silently up the stairs, enemies were approaching.

I slid off the counter, hurried past him to the door, and lifted the lamp from its pedestal. When the first Were burst through the door, I bashed him upside the head, and he staggered, and the one coming in right after him tripped over his flailing predecessor, and Quinn was more than ready for the third one.

Unfortunately, there were six more.



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