A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter eight

Sookie and Quinn are leapt upon by a group of bitten werewolves that have only been turned in the past few weeks.  They’re rather grotesque; hairy and snouty yet still human.

Quinn basically grabs them and hands them a literal dose of beat down.  By breaking their bones.  Well, I’ve learnt to never jump on a weretiger when he thinks he’s gonna get some. Sookie presumes that the boys were on drugs and I really don’t know why, but everyone just automatically accepts this as true.  For some reason.

The police turn up, because all this happened in front of people, people who like calling the police because they’re sensible, but Sookie bursts into tears and they stop asking them any questions.  Such is the fear of a crying woman.

One of the police officers was the one called to the crime scene Alcide and Sookie discovered in Dead to the World.  He asks some awkward questions about the pretend engagement but he’s not the main worry.  Cal, Patrick’s second from the packmaster contest who cheated and Sookie called him out on this, is working at the police station and desperately wants to attack Sookie.

Oh, the righteous fury of the guilty.

Sookie and Quinn leave the police station, which is just brilliant police work, but Sookie imparts some words of wisdom as she leaves.

“Don’t trust your partner,” I whispered, and I expected him to blow up and call Cal Myers over and ridicule me to him. But something in my eyes or my voice arrested the impulse. My words spoke to a warning that had been sounding surreptitiously in his brain, maybe from the moment he’d met the Were.

Bad things are going to happen involving Cal aren’t they.

Quinn announces that they are going to The Hair of the Dog, because every supernatural bar must involve some sort of wordplay apparently.

My latest video review, of Supernatural’s season one episode ‘Shadow’, is up!


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