A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter seven

There’s a lot of padding before Friday’s date night.  Sookie pampers herself, goes shopping, gets a wedding shower invitation from Halleigh…

What outfit has Sookie bought for her super exciting date with Quinn?

The outfit I’d brought from Tara’s Togs was royal blue and made out of some heavy knit that hung beautifully. I zipped up the pants and put on the top. It was sleeveless and it wrapped across my breasts and tied. I experimented with the depth of cleavage, at last picking a degree of revelation I was sure toed the line between sexy and cheap.

I got my black wrap out of the closet, the one Alcide had given me to replace one Debbie Pelt had vandalized.  I’d need it later in the evening.  I slipped into my black sandals. I experimented with jewelry, finally settling on a plain gold chain (it had been my grandmother’s) and plain ball earrings.


Hah what?  Hah, I look funny? Hah, to invisible person questioning your outfit? Hah, hi yah?

Someone knocks at the door. It’s Eric.

He’s pissed because she’s going out tonight, with someone, and she didn’t tell him.

“You should be mine. I have slept with you, I have cared for you, I have … assisted you financially.”

Mmmmm romantic. I’d be tripping over myself to date you.He argues that Sookie is part of his ‘retinue’ and that she is obliged to travel to the vampire conference with him. Because Sookie has her own brain and isn’t about to be part of this absolute bullshit, she tells him to shove it. Luckily before Eric can react to this, Quinn shows up. Eric reacts to this about as well as a child would if you took his favourite toy away.

“This woman has been mine, and she will be mine,” he said, in tones so definite I thought about checking my rear end for a brand.

Quinn shifted his gaze to me. “Babe, are you his, or not?”

“Not,” I said.

“Then let’s go enjoy the show.” Quinn said.

My date with Quinn was sticking in [Eric’s] throat, too. Eric was just going to have to swallow.

Hurr hurr hurr. Innuendo.

They go to The Producers and they enjoy it, and decide to go out to dinner afterwards.

“Something’s wrong,” I said.

Without replying, Quinn began scanning the area. Since he was a man with a powerful protective urge, he stepped ahead of me, in front of me.

So of course, we were attacked from behind.


One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter seven

  1. It might have been a triumphant ‘hah,’ as in she was pleased she had completed her outfit to her liking?

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