A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter six

I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish this. I didn’t know who would acknowledge that I could help.

It’s Super Sookie to the rescue! It’s an interesting melancholy look back for Sookie at her school days; miserable days where she was unable to control her mind reading and was trapped inside her own head to avoid pain and conflict. The exploration of how to use her mind reading to solve crime is interesting, but flawed as we already know that she refuses to do anything about that black detective who beats prisoners.  So. Yeah.  Sookie finds the missing child and it’s a very interesting exercise for Sookie’s powers.

Andy Bellefleur tries to get her to help out the police full time.

“But I would think any citizen would want her town to be rid of thieves and rapists and murderers.”

Yeah, well you don’t know Sookie as well as we do. She refuses to, and the other police officers support her in this, as she’s ‘not a Magic 8 ball’.

There’s a new waitress at Merlotte’s, Tanya Grissom.

The newcomer was definitely a shape-shifter, and I was afraid Sam was prejudiced in her favor.

By offering her a job….?

Sookie talks about whether she’s prejudiced or not, but she reacted so well to Sam, didn’t she?!? The only reason she doesn’t like Tanya is that she can’t read her mind as clearly as others, even though Sookie generally treats her powers as a hinderance that she’d rather be rid off. I’d be happy if I met someone who had a mind I couldn’t read, and wasn’t a vampire.

Calvin comes by after work, as Crystal and Jason are now getting married.  After a few months of being together.  I’m getting that ‘Springer’ feeling. Calvin is more interested in finding out why Sookie’s not interested in him anymore. He’s surprised that she’s not into the whole incest vibe that comes from his family.

He leaves and Sookie spends the evening crying.


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3 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter six

  1. Since I apparently have an overabundance of free time, and I have no one to snark these novels with, I guess I am just going to continue commenting on just about all of your chapter reviews. I hope you don’t mind.

    With regards to Sookie’s dislike of Tanya, and your previous comments re: ‘inconsistency,’ is it just me or does it seem like sometimes Sookie can mostly read the minds of weres, and other creatures she claims she can’t? Also, I was only half listening (I don’t have the books, just the audiobooks, which I listen to on my hour long commute to and from work, so I can’t just go back and look things up), but didn’t her hasty explanation of her cousin Hadley’s murder involve her being called in to read the mind of Waldo the murderer, or something? It’s like Harris thinks if she rushes past something really fast, we won’t notice that it completely contradicts whatever the hell she said before.

    • I don’t mind at all. Sookie can sort-of read the minds of weres; they’re difficult for her to read, but not impossible. Tanya seems to be impossible to read and no reason is given. I think it might be implied that she’s shielding her mind or something. Sookie was called into judge Waldo – as he was a vampire, she couldn’t read his mind at all, and he sort of gave away what he was doing as soon as he could. Not a smart vampire.

  2. I actually thought the bit about her refusing to work with the police was an excellent piece of characterization, and I really agreed with Sookie’s viewpoint. It’s not that she doesn’t want to help, it’s that she doesn’t want to be used like some kind of mind-reading bloodhound, to invade everyone’s thoughts to find out who’s guilty. All this for a man who only wants to use her and thinks she’s a freak anyway. There’s also the fact that eventually her powers would get out and she would be relentlessly hounded by scientists, other police officers, more vampires, and just generally people who want her to read minds for them. It seems like all she’s really wanted is a fairly quiet life- getting involved with the vampires is really more through Eric essentially forcing it on her. Were I a telepath, I wouldn’t want to be used like that either.

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