A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Definitely Dead’ chapter two

It was close to closing time the next night when another odd thing happened. Just as Sam gave us the signal to start telling our customers this would be their last drink, someone I thought I’d never see again came into Merlotte’s.

Quinn’s back!

Am I supposed to be impressed? Cause I’m not impressed by him yet. Gotta do better than licking a bitch’s leg, even if bitches like it. Sam knows who he is, and isn’t best pleased by all this, but what do I care about Sam’s likes and dislikes? Man changes every book, I’m given up tracking his moods.

When Quinn went unerringly to a table in my section, despite the many empty ones in the closer section that Arlene was working, I knew he was tailing me.

Okay, mixed feelings on that.

Good. You’re worried about a man seemingly stalking you. That’s the correct reaction.

“You visiting someone in this area?” I asked Quinn.

“Yes,” he said. “You.”

“Business or personal?”

“Both,” he said.

I don’t like the sound of that. He asks to come back to hers to talk and Sookie reluctantly agrees, after reading in his head that he means her no harm.  Then there’s some guff about how the other barmaids can’t understand why Quinn would choose Sookie over them (well, thanks Arlene, it’s not like Sookie is one of your close friends or anything) and then they go back to Sookie’s. What’s the first thing Quinn says inside the house?

“This isn’t finished,” Quinn said.

What, the burnt out kitchen? That isn’t scheduled to be finished for a few months?

Quinn talks about how much he’s wanted to see her again, and that she dated Alcide for a while. Which she didn’t. She says that Alcide is not her steady, and Quinn asks whether there’d be any toes he’d be stepping on.

There were toes. Those toes wouldn’t be happy piggies. But they didn’t have any right to be in the way.

The business part is about the upcoming vampire summit, and the Queen of Louisiana has asked Sookie to accompany her to.  Now, Eric asked first, but the Queen’s orders supercede his, so while he’s going to be pissed, there’s not much he can do about it.

Quinn and Sookie discuss date ideas and they decide to go see a production of The Producers over in Shreveport.

Sookie then interrogates Quinn on his life, seeing as she doesn’t actually know anything about this guy. He lives in Memphis, and works for the supernatural offshoot of Extreme(ly Elegant Events), overseeing packmaster contests and vampire weddings and things.

When he kissed me good night, his lips brushed my cheek, and I smiled.

I like a man who knows when to rush things … and when not to.

I may like Quinn most out of all Sookie’s suitors so far.

Dottie’s video reviews – delicious snarky goodness.


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