A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter ten

Jason’s quite sad about how his brand new shifter friends don’t trust him anymore.  Crystal, who is apparently still his girlfriend even though her long-term love was executed for kidnapping him, is refusing to see him.  This means that he actually drove out to Hotshot, even though Sookie expressly forbade him from doing so.  Jason is going to get himself killed someday.

Sookie gets up the next morning to clean up the mess left by the fire; you know, the burnt up food, furniture, fabric and stuff that needs getting rid of before they begin to rebuild. Terry Bellefleur comes round to demolish the ruined floor and walls.  They work in a comfortable silence for a few hours.

Then Alcide shows up and begins coming down with Harris Male Character Syndrome – i.e. he’s rapidly becoming a massive arsehole.

He gets all angry because Sookie didn’t tell him about the fire, and all this bollocks, even though why would she go running straight to him?  The guy accused her of murder the last time they met!  I know he was right, but that’s still not anyway to instill closeness in those around you.  He tries emotional blackmail.  He’s now formally banished from the happy island of rainbows where the good characters live.

A contractor arrives to scope the place out and decides to only talk to Alcide.  How pleasant. The contractor’s wife talks to Sookie behind them and estimates it’ll take about four months until she gets a working kitchen.  I’m not sure whether this is a good estimate or not, but it seems a bit off.  It’ll cost most of her savings as well.  You ought to go to Wickes.

Delia, contractor’s wife, tells her how Jackson Herveaux, Alcide’s papa, had his secretary arrested for stealing personal papers.  Underhand dealings in the pack elections going on already then.  Not a good sign.

Everyone but Alcide and Sookie leave.  It’s time for a heart to heart on the subject of Debbie Pelt.

Apparently it makes it all better that Debbie wasn’t loved by her family apart from her little sister – the little sister who isn’t a shifter was the preferred child.  Even though they’ve gone to the effort of hiring a private detective, and have replied to Alcide’s emails that they think he did it.

Why did he email them?  What do you say?  This is so casual and weird. ‘Hey, why have you hired a private detective to look into your daughter’s disappearance?’ ‘LOL we totes think you did it!’

Alcide then tries to ask Sookie out.  He has no sense of timing either.

“We enjoy each other’s company. I want to see you in my bed so much it makes me ache. I wouldn’t have spoken this soon, without us being together more, but you need a place to live right now.  I have a condo in Shreveport. I want you to think about staying with me.”

So no Sookie/Alcide relationship pairing then.

Andy Bellefleur then turns up to gripe about how Jeff Marriot wasn’t a member of the Fellowship of the Sun and how there isn’t any motive for the crime.  Now, I’m not a police woman, but I understand that it is the job of the police officer to investigate the crime, not the victim.  I guess I’d see if differently if I were in the biz and all.

After this parade of shit, Sookie then decides the smartest thing for her to do, now that it’s nice and dark, is to go into Tara’s apartment and return her suit, even though she suspects Mickey will be there.

Well done.

He’s there and freaks her out a bit before she runs away.

You need to grow some common sense lady.

The video channel that accompanies these rantings.


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