A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter nine

Guess who’s come to Merlotte’s tonight?  That’s right.  The mother and twin of the Fellowship of the Sun guy who Charles killed for burning down Sookie’s kitchen.

Oh goodie.

“They just…want answers.  They’re grieving.”

“So am I,” I said.  “My home.”

Somehow I don’t think part of your house burning down is equatable to the death of an actual human being, and it’s a bit insulting for you to make the comparison.  Don’t talk to the guy’s mother with that sort of attitude.  Sookie is still a bit pissed when she goes through to Sam’s office to talk to them.

I felt a flare of anger at being obliged to pity them.

They lost a family member and don’t understand why.  Try a little tenderness love.

The Marriots say that Jeff (dead Fellowship guy) never had any animosity to vampires and kept his wallet in his trouser pocket, not in his jacket.  The plot thickens.  Unfortunately for them Jeff’s car was found almost directly from Sookie’s house.

Eric had told me that the little road, a dirt track leading back to a deer camp, was where Debbie Pelt had hidden her car when she’d come to kill me.  Might as well put up a sign: PARKING FOR SOOKIE STACKHOUSE NIGHTTIME ATTACKS.

The Marriots leave, not really emotionally fulfilled by this visit.

Then Sam and Sookie make out.


It’s really random and unexpected.  I’m not sure why they do it.

“What are you going to do?” asked a cold voice from the doorway.

If I was shocked senseless, Sam was enraged.  In a split second I was pushed to one side, and he launched himself on the intruder, broken leg and all.

Bill and Sam sort of pounce on each other like angry cats and begin to fight.  Bill is all pissed because, I don’t know, he appears to still have some lingering interest in Sookie and wants to throw all the toys out the pram.

I gripped Bill’s smooth dark hair with both hands and used it to yank his head back.  In the excitement of the moment, Bill reached behind him to catch my wrists in his hands, and he began twisting.  I choked with pain.

Before he can break her arms Sam lamps him one, bringing Bill back to his senses.  He had come to pick Sookie up, as her car was burnt, and to take her grocery shopping so that she’d have something to eat when staying at Bill’s that night.

“I swear I never intended you any harm.”

Yeah, yet you keep hurting her whenever you meet Bill.  It’s getting harder and harder to even stomach you appearing in a scene.  He even tries emotional blackmail to get what he wants (I’m not sure what he wants ultimately) but Sookie is all like NO BITCH I’MMA GO TO JASON’S.

I approve of this decision.  Slimy types like Bill need to be surgically removed from your life and I’ll be all the happier when he is killed off or moves away, never to be heard of again.

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