A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter five

The Grainger hospital is full of shifters who are acting as guards for Calvin Norris now he’s in hospital.  I guess they’re real worried someone might try and shoot Calvin again – they’ve even hired a werewolf called Dawson to stand as bodyguard and bouncer outside his hospital room.  Dawson only lets Sookie in to see Calvin which is vaguely ominous.

Calvin is super nice and asks about the other shootings before he answers any questions about his own.  I thought he was a bit odd in the last book, but he seems to be really genuine, really caring this chapter.  Even if he’s barely holding back the rest of the Hotshot werepanthers lions from ripping Jason limb from limb because they think he must have done it as he was bitten and forced into changing.  Even though he’s the leader, if one of the mountain lions does it, he’s not going to loose any sleep about it.

He also wishes that Sookie would love him.  Knowing that you’re not going to be upset if Jason is brutally eviscerated is probably proving to be a bit of a hinderance in the relationship.

It occurred to me (as it should have right away) that Calvin was in a perfect position to force my compliance – Jason’s life for my companionship – and he hadn’t taken advantage of it.

Yeah, but he doesn’t especially give a shit about whether your brother is murdered or not.  Neither do I, but you’re not contemplating dating me.

By the next full moon, the shooter had to be in custody.

The game is on!

Sookie goes home and thinks about how her kitchen is covered in microscopic specks of Debbie Pelt’s blood.  Lovely.  She thinks that she ought to have gone to the police, which was my suggestion.  You should listen to your reviewers Sookie, I always think with the logics.

I’d panicked, and blown it.

I just had to live with that.

The police have found that there have been clusters of apparently random shootings in small towns in Tennessee and Mississippi.  Ooo-errr.  Does that count as a serial killer?  I mean, there’s probably been quite a few deaths and with the same MO.  Another serial killer in Bon Temps.  Woo hoo.

Alcide is in Merlotte’s randomly and phones Sookie up.  She immediately warns him about the sniper and the private investigators, neither of which he knew about.  You suck at knowing the local goss Alcide.  Just sayin’. He comes round to the old Stackhouse place (which I’ve decided to call Gregory, because it needs a name) which is a dumb idea if those private investigators are watching the place.

He talks about everyone’s favourite topic, Debbie Pelt.  The Pelts think Alcide killed her.  Alcide thinks Debbie bewitched him, because her mother’s a spellcaster and half shifter and her dad’s a full-blood shifter.  I think I’m loosing my mind and that by the rules already established in the Harris universe, that means Debbie would not be able to shift. But whatever.

He also hates Debbie because she let Sookie get raped.  It’s piss poor to bring it up like this, but I’m glad that someone is finally addressing the issue of the rape in Club Dead that you will no doubt remember I got rightfully pissed about.

My feelings about the incident were so confused that I couldn’t even bear to try and pick through them.  When I’d thought of rape before, when other girls had told me what had happened to them or I’d read it in their brains, I hadn’t had the ambiguity I felt over my own short, awful time in the trunk.

Alcide points out that if it wasn’t consensual, then it’s rape.  Give the man a medal.

Also Colonel Flood is dead and Alcide wants Sookie to go to the funeral with him.  It’s going to be a fancy shindig.

He then leaves after giving Sookie a kiss on the lips.  The chapter ends with prayers.

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