A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter three

Sookie has gone to Fangtasia, where they have a brand new bartender who is ‘colorful’ and ‘exotic’.

He was quite an eyeful.  He had a head full of long, intensely curly hair, chestnut brown in color.  It clustered  thickly on his shoulders.  He also sported a moustache and a Vandyke.  Covering his left eye was a black eye patch.  Since his face was narrow and the features on it sizeable, his face was crowded.  He was about my height, five foot six, and he was wearing a black poet shirt and black pants and high black boots.  All he needed was a bandana tied around his head and a pistol.

“Maybe a parrot on your shoulder?” I said.

“Aaargh, dear lady, you are not the first to suggest a thing.”


Charles Twining, who really enjoys his tea, is the new bartender, and seems nice enough when he deflects some bar woman from insinuating that Sookie is a whore. Pam then comes to get her so she can talk with Eric, who she has dressed up to impress, so we can talk about her clothes some more.

I was wearing low-riding blue jeans and a fuzzy white long-sleeved sweater with a boat neck.


Eric eye fucks her, and Sookie’s inner monologue talks about how he doesn’t know that he has fucked her, and how it’s better that he never, ever knows. As the Doctor says, never say never ever.  I suspect he’s going to find out sometime soon.

Speaking of bartenders at Fangtasia, Eric has been talking to the vampire who made Long Shadow (the vamp who got stakeed waaaaay back in book one), Hot Rain, a man who came from the ‘really rather insensitive stereotypical Native American name’ tribe.  Eric had to pay a fine in punishment for having done it, but Hot Rain is unhappy with this.  Huh.  More plot points ahoy!

Sookie has been sent here to get a bartender for Merlotte’s while Sam is all shot and all.  Then there’s an incident with some guy being all like ‘huh huh ladyee why are you sitting with a vamp huh huh’ which seems rather pointless and silly in a vampire bar.  A bar designed for the purposes of being around vampires.  So there’s no reason to ask a woman in a vampire bar that.

In Sookie and Eric’s conversation we learn more about Heather Kinman, who was mentioned in the previous chapter.  She was a nineteen year old werefox who was shot and killed.  Eric then gets very sullen and miserable about not being able to remember the last month and talks like a child.

He’d realize that he had power over me forever.

He might also recall that he’d humbled himself enough to offer to abandon all his businesses and come to live with me.

Somehow I didn’t think Eric would enjoy remembering that last bit.

They dance for a bit.  There’s some sexual tension, and we learn that Sookie gave a fifth of the $50,000 dollars given to her by Eric to Jason for…reasons I don’t especially understand, as he didn’t really do anything.

Sookie asks Eric if he knows who that Mickey guy is.  He has a minor freak out and says that she must ‘stay away from him. Don’t talk to him, don’t cross him, and don’t try to help your friend Tara’.

If he’s so dangerous, why don’t you do something Eric?  You’re all interested in getting in Sookie’s business, so why don’t you help her friend?  She’d totally sleep with you then.  Possibly. Maybe.  She might consider it.  Or something.

Yeah. Watch out man.

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4 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter three

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    • The guy is built up as serious bad news and it’s just…. Eric, why can’t you do anything? What is actually stopping you from stopping him running around being evil in your area – well, other than the plot that is.

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