A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ chapter two

Everything is nice and laid back in Merlotte’s this evening.

Tara didn’t come in, so I couldn’t ask her about Mickey.  But was it really any of my business?  Probably not my business – but my concern, definitely.

I bring this up because it’s an interesting situation.  I have been in similar situations like this with girl friends before, and it’s a very delicate position to be in.  You want to help them.  They’re your friend and you don’t want to see them in pain or to get hurt.  However, to push yourself into a situation when your friend doesn’t want you involved, or doesn’t want to admit it out of shame or denial.  This situation normally resolves itself in three ways.  You can help them out and they accept your help, and it can go great.  You can try to help them out and the situation gets worse and they blame you.  You can try and help them out, and they dislike you intensely for the intrusion.

There’s a very high risk of damaging your friendship, but I would always stress that if you really honestly believe that your friend is in danger, it is ALWAYS your business and your concern to help them out.  Unless it involves vampires.  It gets a little muddy at that point.

Andy Bellefleur comes in with his 21 year old girlfriend Halleigh Robinson. I like the fact that Andy is happy and in love.

Claudine comes into the bar. Oh god. Just my luck.

I wish she’d brought her brother, Claude, with her.  He doesn’t swing in my direction, but he’s a treat for the eyes.

Who is this man?  Since when did we meet Claude?  Who is he? Did Sookie meet him in between books?  If he’s a character the reader needs to know about why haven’t we met him in the narrative?  What is this madness?

Fairies are also apparently allergic to lemons.  I have never heard of this before.  It seems odd.

Claudine has come to Merlotte’s to tell Sookie that Calvin Norris was shot that morning in the chest and is badly hurt.  She also tells her that Heather Kinman was a shapeshifter too, which I don’t really understand.  Was she shot too?  How come we have room for Claudine’s brother but not for someone who might have been shot as well?  Huh.

The night continues without the trouble we were promised and Sookie prepares to go home.

In the length of time it takes to blink, his expression changed from expectant to shocked, dark red began to spread on his left leg, and I heard the sound of a shot.

Then blood was everywhere, Sam crumpled to the ground and I began to scream.

Well shit. That’s not good.

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