A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead to the World’ chapter fifteen

I am in an excellent mood today guys.  My DSA came through at lunchtime and I am majorly super-psyched about this.  It’s fantastic news!  And it means I’m going to be in a good for the closing chapter of Dead to the World.

How’s Jason holding up after being frozen and confined in a shed for the past… I’m going to say week, week and a half tops.  Man, this book took place over a short period of time considering how many murders and wars have happened in that time.

Jesus, Bon Temps has a whacked out concept of time.  Does physics even work there?  Not a specific branch of physics, just all of physics in general.

Jason showers, eats some oatmeal and goes to sleep.  When Sookie wakes up in the morning, she finds a surprise in her cruet stand.

It was a check for $50,000, signed by Eric Northman.

Jesus. Wow. Eric’s not so much of a dick after all.  She was only owed $35,000, so that’s a very large tip indeed.

Here’s a thought: seeing as she’s been given this money, right, does that technically count as prostitution?  Yes, I know, she consented and there was no talk of money being exchanged for sex, but … yeah. That.

Sookie and Sam discuss the money, and there’s some talk of her moving out into the town and getting rid of the old Stackhouse place.  She refuses to, and I agree with her on this.  Stackhouses have lived in that place for a hundred and fifty years, having built it themselves.  I adore Sookie’s house; I haven’t mentioned it in the reviews, but it’s described in such loving cosy terms that the house is like another character, a warm enjoyable character who never does anything wrong.  And I like that.

Hmmm…. the house needs a name… put some ideas down in a comment!  Best suggestion gets to… uh, name the house.


Jason asks Sookie about shifters, although he stops the conversation because it makes him uncomfortable.  He doesn’t want to think about it, even though there’s a high possibility that he’s going to be some kind of shifter now.  Sookie then phones the police to call off the missing person hunt, telling them she’s got Jason.  They come straight over, to find out just what the frack happened.

‘I have no idea,’ Jason said.

And he stuck to it for hours.

There had been no believable story Jason could tell that could account for everything: his absence, his poor physical condition, the bite marks, his sudden reappearance.  The only possible line he could take was to say the last thing he remembered, he’d heard a funny noise outside while he was entertaining Crystal, and when he’d gone to investigate, he’d been hit on the head.  He didn’t remember anything until somehow he’d felt himself pushed from a vehicle to land in my yard the night before. I’d found him there when Sam brought me home from work.  I’d ridden home with Sam because I was scared to drive in the snow.

Any Bellefleur’s reaction to this?

It’s a justified one I should admit, and they go from Sookie’s house rather miffed.  I’m sure this will never have any ramifications.  It’s not like Sookie is constantly being beaten up and having to go to the police.

Eric shows up when it’s dark to provide some exposition on Hallow and the evil witches of Shreveport’s motives behind this whole ‘steal everyone’s money’ thing.  I thought it was a very simple ‘let’s take everyone’s money thing’ but apparently not.  Hallow and Mark Stonebrook’s parents were arrested doing con jobs with magic on Shreveport and both met unfortunate sticky ends, so the children decided to punish the supes of Shreveport.


what was wrong with the simpler motive?  This feels rather tacked on.

A werewolf called Amanda comes round and asks whether they’ve seen Debbie.  Nice.  Real subtle there Ms Harris.

Eric asks why there was brain tissue on his coat. Sookie panics and doesn’t answer him.  Eric suggests that she ought to burn her own coat.  The next day he sends her a new one.

It was cranberry red, with a removable liner, a detachable hood, and tortoiseshell buttons.

What do I think about Dead to the World? Well, I much prefer it over Club Dead, that’s for damn sure…. then again, I prefer most things over that particular piece of trash.  I found Dead to the World to be a very enjoyable book.  It’s funny and sexy and gory, which are all things I ask for these sort of books.  Sookie is quite witty, and I actually found myself enjoying her character for once without being too bothered by the stupid things she does or says.  However, I did fidn this book to be rather cluttered with plots and subplots and random motivations and information that isn’t relevant and cul-de-sacs to nowhere.  The witches plot itself, for example, was made overly complicated for no apparent reason.  Ms Harris felt the need to keep ramming in more plot points when it didn’t need them.  We already had a complex and engaging storylines – Eric’s memory loss and Jason’s disappearance.  The fluff added to the witch plot didn’t add anything and only padded out the story with distractions.

I also really hate Claudine.  I hope she never comes back again.

What are your thoughts on this book?  I understand that this is somewhat of a fan favourite, but I’m not entirely sure why…

Running totals

Body Count: 69.  That’s getting very high.  It’s only been four books.

Clothes porn count: 1276

Sexy times count: 14

Tomorrow I start Dead as a Doornail.  See you then!

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