A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead to the World’ chapter fourteen

I hadn’t anticipated that the spell would have been broken.

‘Sookie,’ he said slowly. ‘Am I in your house?’

We’re just jumping right into wrapping up the memory loss plotline?  Not the fact that Sookie murdered two people the night before?  Is Sookie okay with this now?  Is she not emotionally disturbed?  Is she a sociopath, and that’s the real underlying point of these books?

Eric is momentarily confused – after all, the day before, he’d been meeting the evil witches – but then he flirts with Sookie and gets excited by the prospect of the snow.


Pam comes round, and they begin discussing super-secret-vampire-stuff so Sookie goes out to work.  Kenya and Kevin, the only nice police officers in the whole of Bon Temps apparently, are in there and Sookie makes an effort to not be a bitch and thanks them for the search party for Jason.

I knew something about each of them that the other didn’t know.  They loved each other.  But Kevin knew his mother would stick her head in the oven before she’d see him married to a black woman, and Kenya knew her brothers would rather ram Kevin through a wall than see him walk down the aisle with her.

Three wishes come from this paragraph.

  1. I wish this chapter could have come up on valentine’s say, because I am seriously in love with these two now.  They can live in the happy rainbow filled skies of the good character island.
  2. I really hope we get to see more from Kevin and Kenya in the future.
  3. I would really like the romance to be focused on these two, as I’m really getting fed up of Sookie as a character.

Kevin and Kenya forever!!!

I knew that in some spot in the forest, Debbie Pelt lay in a hole, cold forever.

Thanks Sookie.  Admittedly, I like the fact that you aren’t just able to shrug off the fact you murdered two people yesterday.  Kudos.

Sam and Sookie talk about Hotshot, and how serious Calvin Norris is about Sookie.  She’s not entirely comfortable with living with a werewolf (I remind you of Alcide, Sookie, the guy you spent the last book locking lips with) and Sam is flabbergasted at the fact she hasn’t noticed that they’re werepanthers, not wolves.

Told you.I knew it.  I bloody well knew it.

Oh, and Felton Norris is totally in love with Crystal Norris.  Everyone knows it, it’s so obvious.

Thanks Sam for only pointing this out now.  You are such a good friend.  I mean, why think that the guy who is insanely in love with a girl might have a part in the disappearance of the said girl’s boyfriend?  That’s just crazy talk man.

Sam and Sookie drive out to Hotshot and talk to Calvin.  Calvin takes them immediately to Felton without question.  Hmm.  Maybe Calvin isn’t such a bad character.  He sees the sense in Sookie’s logic and investigates it as best he can in his community.  It involves slashing Felton’s face up with some claws, to which Felton admits that he’s got Jason kept in a shed in his backyard.

You know…. Calvin could have figured this out a lot quicker as well.  He knew that Crystal was seeing Jason.  He also must have known about Felton’s interest in Crystal, seeing as he’s the packmaster of Hotshot.

Has some kind of supernatural creature sucked all the logics out of Bon Temps and the surrounding area?

At first I wasn’t sure I was looking at my brother, because this creature looked nothing like Jason. He was blond, sure, but he was so filthy and smelly that I flinched, even in the freezing air. And he was blue with the cold, since he had only pants on. He was lying on a single blanket on the concrete floor.

He’d been bitten.

He’d been bitten a lot.

Felton has bitten Jason to make him too much like a werepanther for Crystal to be interested.

That’s not good.

Calvin at least promises to look after Jason when the next full moon comes

Sookie gives us a paragraph sort-of explaining why she didn’t work out the werepanthers were werepanthers that I had to include because she says something rather brilliant:

I knew what my high school volleyball coach always said about ‘assume’. Of course, he’d also told us that we had to leave everything out on the court so it would be there when we came back, which I had yet to figure out.

‘They’ll kill him [Felton] tonight,’ I said.

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