A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead to the World’ chapter eleven

Firstly, a quick note. Everyone ought to read this article about Chris Brown performing at the Grammys. It’s very meaningful and articulate.

Sookie wakes up to Eric nuzzling her like an enthusiastic viking puppy.  He’s upset that she smells like the woods, and of shifter and something wilder that isn’t a were.  Sookie doesn’t pick up on this.  They have a discussion about how worried Sookie is about the disapearance of her brother and ‘his fingers were busy trying to find out how best to get my clothes off.’

Timing!  Even though they have to rush off to wage war, they make the time for some good old fashioned vampire sex. Nice.

They drive off to Shreveport after ‘kissing each other’ (oh god, that makes me just shudder) and Eric is very excited about the battle.

‘Sookie, there’s nothing like a good fight,’ he said defensively.

‘That depends on who wins, I would think.’

Wise words there Miss Stackhouse.

Eric tries to talk about their relationship some more, saying that it’d be like a marriage.

We would have a counterfeit relationship, because this was the counterfeit Eric.

Two for two Sookie.  You’re actually using your common sense for once.

They arrive at the home that the Fangtasia vamps (apart from Eric) share.  Pam, Chow, Gerald and some other Fangtasia vampires are there, as well as Colnel Flood, Alcide and a few other weres, including Debbie Pelt who is dressed up to the nines, something that Sookie believes she’s done deliberately to remind her of Debbie’s nice job at an advertising agency.  Even though the last book said she was a legal secretary which is the only reason I brought this up.

There are some witches sitting together on the sofa, two women and a man.  I am not questioning the use of the term ‘witch’ to describe a man who performs magic because traditionally witch is a non-gendered term.

The group know where the bad witches are hiding due to the use of were trackers, even though Claudine told them that she knew where they were hiding.  I guess she didn’t bother to spill or they didn’t bother to ask.  They’re going to infiltrate the neighbourhood and they’re going to send Sookie in first ‘because Sookie is human […] And she’s more of a natural phenomenon than a true Supe. They won’t detect her.’

Okay, I’ve got a certain amount of malicious glee at this, I will admit it.

They want her to read the minds of the witches inside the house to see whether they detect them approaching.  What are they going to do to the bad witches?  Well, they’re going to kill them, basically.  For crimes of evilness such as killing Clancy the vampire. Yeah.

Bubba then shows up. Urgh.  He asks Sookie about Bill, and she reminds him he’s in Peru which is all the way in South America.

‘No, I’m not,’ said a cool voice, and my heart flip-flopped. ‘I’m back.’ Out of an open doorway stepped my former flame.


I thought we’d be able to get through a whole book without Bill showing his stupid rapist face in it.

Bill is surprised that Debbie Pelt is there.  Why?

‘She joined in while I was being tortured in the King of Mississipi’s compound,’ Bill said.  ‘She enjoyed my pain.’



That came out of nowhere. There were no cluees to this revelation at all and I’m sorry, but Debbie has never appeared to me as being a bad person.  Yes, she’s been bitchy but not much other than that.  And now she’s a sadistic torturous bitch who liked ripping off Bill’s flesh with pincers.  She’s just not convincing as a villianess.  Oh, and yeah, it turns out that Debbie really did push Sookie into that car boot.

Alcide does a magical ceremony where he dumps Debbie and it’s all mystical were stuff.

The good witches decide that Mark, Hallow’s brother, must be kept alive in order to be able to remove the spell from Eric.  That’s an interesting take on spell work, seeing as normally you can just kill the spell caster to remove the spell.

They all leave to their battlestations.  Eric takes the time to threaten Pam into tell them where Jason is.  She doesn’t know where he is, so at least he’s not being bitten by beautiful vampire girls.  She offers to look for him herself if they get through the fight.

Sookie then takes the time to talk to Bill about his trip to Peru and they have a pleasant conversation together.

Sookie goes up to the abandoned shop where the bad witches are hiding, walking through the stay away magic to read their minds.

At that moment, I was seized from behind.

oh shit

shit’s going down

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